Is a franchise business profitable in the US?

Young entrepreneurs think that buying a franchise might not be as successful as owning a business that they have built from the ground up. However, they could not be further from the truth. Many profitable franchise business owners, who also have their own companies, have admitted that owning a franchise in the developmental stages of their careers has made it easier for them to build their own brand. While franchises can be a good investment, if you are not aware of how to market your business or if you compromise the quality of the service, it might turn bad just as quickly for you.

When buying a franchise, you should always choose an industry that you feel passionate about. It will make you feel like you are doing what you love and not a job that you do not feel connected to. One of the many reasons franchises have not been the first choice for many entrepreneurs in the past is because whenever they hear the word franchise, they instantly think of fast food businesses like McDonald’s or Starbucks. However, the franchise industry is much more than it, and you have to know what you want to achieve from it. 

Businesses like Window Medics are taking the business world by storm by providing affordable franchising opportunities for entrepreneurs and affordable services for their customers, a win-win for everyone involved. Franchising opportunities like Window Medics are profitable because you invest a low amount, and you can expect high profit since they already have an established customer base and they provide more than one window glass-related service.

Advantages of owning a franchise business

Even though building your own business has its own benefits and advantages, the franchise owners enjoy just as many advantages, if not more. Here are a few advantages of owning a franchise instead of building your own business:

  1. Business assistance: When you buy a franchise from a well-known brand like Window Medics and such, you can expect to receive long-term business assistance from their team. Be it regarding marketing or business operations, the representative at the parent company will help you be better. Many companies also provide their franchisees with the brand, supplies, equipment, advertising plan, etc. The franchisees get access to the deep reservoir of business assistance to guide them through owning and operating a franchise.
  2. Brand recognition: Since the most well-known brands offer franchising opportunities, people already know their names, and it takes little time to build your brand recognition among the ones who do not know. Building a business from scratch also means building your brand identity and customer base from scratch. Buying a franchise allows you to access the availability of a customer base and build a personal brand instead.
  3. Lower failure rate: Since you get to follow a tried and tested strategy for business when you buy a franchise, there is naturally little to no failure while running a franchise. Companies already have a proven business concept that works for them, and you can capitalize on it. Buying a franchise also has lower risks than building a business from scratch. Even if you are stuck in a certain aspect of the business, you can always get on a call with a representative who will be able to help you.
  4. Built-in customer base: Franchises have a built-in customer base, so you would have to worry about attracting our first few customers but about retaining them. Even though you can trust the built-in customer base to spread word of mouth, you would also need to market your franchise so as to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.
  5. Ease of finance: When starting a business journey, you might not have the entire amount in your savings. In such cases, you will be required to turn to a financial institution. Getting a loan to start a new business is not the easiest thing to do, as banks or other lenders are often skeptical, and rightfully so. However, when you buy a franchise, you would be able to secure a loan much quicker and easier.

Like any other business, owning a franchise has its own pros and cons too. However, you should research the business you are planning to buy a franchise from to get an idea of what your future would look like. You can look at their past revenues, ROI, and sales reports to get an idea of whether a certain company is worth buying a franchise from.

You can talk with a franchise consultant to understand how and why you should choose or avoid certain companies. Investigate each franchise option thoroughly and choose the one that you feel will work best for you. You can talk to other franchisees and ask as many questions as possible so that you have an idea of how the business operates, the kind of support the parent company provides, and whether there is a recurring cost.

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