Top Industries for Franchise Business Opportunities in Canada

You can use industries and categories to focus your search for franchise business opportunities that appeal to you. For example, has to own a restaurant always been your goal? Skip all the other opportunities and focus only on the franchise restaurant industry. Enjoy working with children? Consider the Children’s Franchises Sector. On the other hand, if you like to fix things, the repair and servicing industry is more suitable for you, and more.

You might be entirely sure of the franchise business opportunities you want or be curious about what other people are purchasing. The information on this is listed below. You may also be surprised to know that the food industry is the largest of all in Canada. 

You can use this information to decide what kind of franchise is best for you. For example, you may want to try something new and work in a field where few individuals are opening franchises. On the other hand, you can work in a more well-known sector.

What are the best franchise business opportunities in Canada?

Glass Repair and reinstallation

Entering the window glass reinstallation and repair industry can be a wise choice regarding franchise business opportunities in Canada. First, there is and will continue to be a significant demand for the service. Second, someone else needs to do this task. Companies like Window Medics provide franchise company options to both seasoned and inexperienced entrepreneurs as a way of helping you with it.

Contact the company at 888-329-7116 or email to learn more about its services and the Window Medics dealership.


Food is the one item that everyone enjoys. It is a factor that promotes interpersonal harmony. And there is usually food involved when people come together for other events, like a celebration.

As a result, a catering company is one of the best small business ventures you may launch. Not just for weddings and birthdays, catering is required. But they’re also fantastic for intimate gatherings and celebrations.

This may be the ideal business for you if you love cooking and are willing to help others. Additionally, it may pay quite well.

Services for Mobile Carwashes

You could start your own mobile vehicle washing company for as little as $25,000. A car wash business could be a fantastic opportunity if you have a passion for vehicles and desire the independence and flexibility of running your own business.

Cleaning Industry

One of the most inconvenient tasks for folks might be cleaning. Many people loathe cleaning so much that they’ll hire someone else. The prospect of a future business owner is there.

There are numerous niches in which you might launch a cleaning service. For example, you may concentrate on cleaning your house, office, windows, or air ducts. It’s a reasonably straightforward service company that could be built up without difficulty by employing cleaners and securing new ongoing contracts.

Consulting in Marketing

Do you have any marketing or advertising experience? If so, let’s give Canadian advertising or marketing consulting services some thought. You may start your own consulting company with a relatively small investment if you have the necessary skills. And even if you lack expertise, you can start your own business by enrolling in a few online courses for a minimal fee and upgrading your skill set.

Business owners are prepared to shell out a sizable sum of cash to third parties to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives. However, this might be a quick and straightforward way to start your own company without paying for a storefront, stock inventory, or hiring staff.

Real estate

While this may be difficult for homeowners or renters, it may be very profitable for individuals in the real estate industry. Agents in real estate assist buyers and sellers. In addition, you might launch other real estate-related businesses, such as mortgage brokerage, real estate investing, and property management. Even though the market is slowing down, there is still room for profit.

Transport and Storage

Transportation is one of the most significant sectors in any nation. Transporting products is required wherever trade takes place in the world. But storage is a related sector that’s almost as popular. Since there is a limited amount of space on the planet, businesses and individuals must find a place to store their goods, which will increase storage costs over time.

The Government of Canada website states that in 2016, more than 86% of transportation and storage companies had profitable years with annual revenues of over $279,000.

Management & Remediation of Waste

The production of goods is the driving force in consumer societies like ours. Nevertheless, not all things made to be devoured are entirely consumed or reused. Landfills receive a large number of manufactured items and packaging. Additionally, more companies are being pressured to employ sustainable products over time. Waste management and remediation are then necessary.

Waste needs to be both stored and disposed of. And someone needs to make toys out of plastic bottles. More than 86% of waste management and remediation companies turned a profit in 2015. So even though it might not be the most appealing industry to work in, it is unquestionably necessary—and lucrative.

What Canadian franchise business opportunities Are the Most Successful?

For many people, success might mean different things. A business’s ability to survive its initial few years is the easiest way for most aspiring entrepreneurs to determine its success. The most well-known companies are most likely to succeed since there is a strong demand for them. Thus, they continue to exist.

Here are a few of Canada’s most prosperous small businesses:

  • 12.1% of small enterprises are in retail.
  • 12.3% of small enterprises are in construction.
  • 9.2% of small firms provide other services.
  • Finally, 9.5% of small enterprises are in the health and social assistance sector.
  • Technical, scientific, and professional services (12.1 percent of small enterprises)

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