Best Franchise Businesses For Sale In Ontario

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to own and operate your firm while still having access to the world’s largest brand, buying a franchise on sale is an option worth considering. Surprisingly, Canada is the world’s second-largest franchise market, after only the United States. Many Canadian-based (owned and operated from various states of Canada) company chains are expanding into other markets.

List of the franchise on sale opportunities that can be operated from Ontario

Window Medics

If this is your first time purchasing of a small business or franchise on sale, you may be concerned about investing a large sum of money to see it fail. Window Medics does not want that to happen. The teamis pleased to be one of the most cost-effective small companies to start that offers unmatched assistance to all of the local Window Medics locations, including Ontario, to ensure that you have all you need to thrive.

You may be asking why you should go with a window glass repair company. The demand for service calls to repair thermal pane windows is increasing as these windows develop. Millions of calls are made each year!

If you want to create a low-cost business, the Window Medicsfranchise saleopportunity is a great choice. Despite their great demand, the company functions as one of the most cost-effective businesses to start.

Tim Horton’s fast-food restaurant chain

Tim Hortons is one of the most well-known Canadian brands globally, as well as one of the country’s largest franchises. The franchise was founded in 1964 by Canadian hockey player Tim Horton, now has over 4800 outlets in 14 countries. As a result, the coffee shop behemoth has become one of Canada’s most profitable franchises.

This industry-leading organization offers future franchising chances to business enthusiasts. You must have a net worth of $500,000 and $100,000 in unencumbered money to meet the minimum financial requirements to become a franchisee.

Pizza Pizza

Since its inception in 1967, Pizza Pizza has been making great pizzas in Canada. As one of the Canada’s greatest culinary franchises, Pizza Pizza offers some fantastic business prospects for people interested in the pizza industry.

To start a new store in the pizza franchise, the franchisee must invest at least $100,000. This cash requirement may rise depending on the franchise’s location and whether it’s an existing or new location. Pizza Pizza, on the other hand, provides financial support to qualifying franchisees who require it.

Booster Juice

For its Canadian customers, Booster Juice has been providing delicious and healthful smoothies since 1999. Despite being one of the newer businesses on the list, it has grown to over 400 sites across the United States.

The organization has a pretty good buy-in for franchisees when compared to other Canadian franchisors. A minimum net worth of $375,000 is required to open a Booster Juice franchise on sale, as well as a ten-year commitment as stipulated by the franchise agreement provisions.

Pizza from Boston

Boston Pizza first opened its doors in 1964, and since then, the Canadian business has grown to over 390 stores. The number one casual dining brand in the country is this famous restaurant and bar.

Boston Pizza is one of the most profitable franchises in Canada, as evidenced by its franchise stores grossing over $2.8 million on average. This franchisor has even offered its new business partners 0% royalties on alcohol sales.

Gas+ from Canadian Tire

Gas+ is a subsidiary of Canadian Tire. However, it offers franchise opportunities independent of the company’s top depot locations. This auto-industry franchisor operates in all provinces and has over 290 outlets.

The Gas+ franchise has a lower initial investment required than other franchises, ranging from $30,000 to $70,000. However, as part of the legal arrangement with Canadian Tire, franchisees must first form a separately incorporated firm in their name.

Value of Pets

When it comes to the pet industry, Pet Valu is one of the most profitable franchises in Canada. This Canadian brand, founded in 1976, now has over 360 sites and aspires to be present in every province.

Pet Valu franchises can cost anything from $300,000 to $600,000. As a result, before being considered for partnership, potential franchisees must have a minimum net worth of $400,000 and liquid assets of $150,000.

Belron Canada

Belron Canada, a significant Canadian auto-industry franchise on sale, was created in 1965 and began franchising under its brand name in 1982. Currently, over 350 franchisees are operating under this name and the Belron International trademark in Canada and 30 other countries. A network of glass replacement outlets and coverage of the franchise fee, which is based on the revenue of the locations, will cost around $700,000.

Country-style cuisine

In 1962, Country Style Food opened its doors in Toronto, Ontario. This coffee and doughnut firm is mostly located in Ontario, where it has approximately 300 shops.

The franchise on salefee is $35,000, with a financial commitment of 35 percent to 40 percent of the overall cost of establishing operations, depending on the location. The franchise agreement’s initial term is ten years, with two five-year options available. Royalty fees are a standard percentage of gross sales for business franchises, at 4.5 percent.


Window Medics can assist you in looking for a small franchise on sale, or you want to expand your current firm. They are rapidly expanding their operations at Window Medics, a fantastic opportunity for courageous entrepreneurs looking for a low-cost business or franchise on sale with strong profit margins. Window Medics offers a regular supply of clients, excellent training, and all the support you need to achieve any degree of success you desire. Contact the experts today to see how you may increase your earnings by working for a reputable window glass repair and restoration company. To know details about Window Medics franchise business call 888-329-7116 or email at

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