Best Work From Home Businesses For Sale In The US

Work from home business opportunities including franchises, were limited a few years ago, mainly to retail and marketing or advertising businesses. However, many industries, including education, medical, fitness, pet care, travel, cleaning, and others, have switched to an online model or introduced online ordering or purchasing services.

The trend has impacted the expanding number of franchise employment available from home, which offers numerous benefits to both clients and entrepreneurs. Using this approach, franchisees can plan their schedules, save money on rent and employee salaries, and provide services or sell goods to a broader range of customers.

Another significant advantage of franchises that offer work from home business opportunities is quite affordable. So, anyone who wants to create their own can do so at a shoestring price. So, if you think this type of company is perfect for you, check out this list of the finest work from home franchises.

Window Medics

Windows are vital for energy conservation, protecting your home from outside elements such as insects, weather, high temperatures, and thievery, and lowering your carbon footprint. If properly designed and registered, a window repair business can be profitable and successful. Remember that windows are a must in all structures and have a finite lifespan. Therefore, the windows at your home or workplace may require a lot more maintenance than you think.

Window Medics is a reputed window repair and restoration company that offers excellent work from home business opportunities to existing and budding entrepreneurs. Association with this company assures a fantastic window of opportunity to start their firm or develop and grow what they already have.

There are numerous reasons to start a home window repair business as a Window Medics dealer. To begin, you can be your own boss and receive valuable experience in building a company from the ground up.

Second, you’ll be able to build your team and create the work environment you want, as well as provide excellent customer service. Finally, the best franchise to invest in is a window repair franchise because it allows you to pass the business on to family members.

Molly Maid

Molly Maid cleans everything from carpets to worktops, baseboards to bathrooms for people throughout the country. Because they have workers (maids) and assistance to help with the essential cleaning services, franchise owners may generally handle most of their operations from home. Cross-promotion programs are driven by the pooled consumer database, which is constantly developing.

Green Home Solutions

Green Home Solutions is a franchise that specializes in controlling indoor air quality, removing mold, and eliminating odors and allergens. As disinfection and indoor air quality become top objectives for many Americans, it is a booming green-component business luring modern homeowners.

The franchise organization provides on-site support, business coaching, and lead acquisition assistance. Green Home Solutions is consistently listed among the top 500 home services franchises in the United States for its environmentally friendly services.

The Junkluggers

The Junkluggers is a rubbish collection franchise that serves residential and commercial customers, including offices, real estate, retail shops, and construction sites. The Junkluggers try to reduce landfill contributions as much as possible by maximizing donation, resale, recycling, and recycling.


Snap-on Tools is a mobile tool and equipment store that sells high-quality repair and diagnostic tools. The company distributes tools and equipment directly to other organizations that require them. Each franchisee has its truck and goods. Franchisees can run their business from home and manage their routes on their timetable.

Fresh Coat Painters

Fresh Coat Painters is a firm that offers residential and commercial painting services to residents and businesses in more than 100 cities across the United States. Fresh Coat Painters was founded on the premise that people required professional painting, not just somebody who could paint with a brush.

Cruise Planners

Since 1994, Cruise Planners has motivated travelers to tour the world by land and water. As an American Express travel agent, Cruise Planners offers a variety of unique perks, bonuses, and facilities for cruises, hotels, and resorts all over the world.

Teamlogic IT

This company provides IT solutions and outsourcing services for small and medium-sized organizations, including hardware and software purchase, installation, appraisal, relocation, networking, data communications, and security. Franchise Business Review and Entrepreneur Magazine have named the company #1 in technology franchises.

Fetch Pet Care

Fetch Pet Care is the largest and most reputable professional pet grooming and dog walking service in the US. Fetch Pet Care is a dependable companion for a healthy and happy pet, catering to pets of all types, ages, and life cycles.

Budget Blinds

Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) is the leading direct-to-consumer brand in the home-related goods and services industry, one of the world’s largest franchise businesses, and a recognized leader in franchisee-franchisor relationships. Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living®, and Concrete Craft® are among HFC’s three brands, supported by almost 1,200 franchise territories across the US, Canada, and Mexico.


To recap, any franchise work from home business opportunities described above is a good investment. However, there are other factors to consider while selecting the best option for you. For example, examine the brand’s reputation, the training and assistance provided, and whether or not previous franchisees have been successful.

But the most important thing is to match your budget to the brand’s investment requirements. This list suggests that Window Medics is the finest home-based business opportunity with the maximum perks it offers to make things easier for you. Apart from the low investment cost and almost zero royalty fee, Window Medics is the opportunity that can settle your passion for entrepreneurship. Moreover, the company does not ask for prior experience in the glass repair industry, making it more convenient for aspirants. To know details about Window Medics franchise business call 888-329-7116 or email at

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