How Long Does It Take To Start A Franchise Business?

Some questions have immense significance when it comes to fulfilling your ultimate American dream of becoming an entrepreneur. One of the leading questions is how long it will take for you to start a franchise business for sale. Unfortunately, the answer is not straight because it is based on various factors.

For example, the franchisor you are choosing plays a big role in this case. So, if you want to start a glass repair business by joining Window Medics as a dealer, the process is very easy. It is because you will be guided by an expert team that works hard to help franchisees grow as part of their expansion plan.

Besides, a few time-consuming tasks must be completed before the business can operate and hurrying these tasks could be a costly mistake. So, let’s look at some of the biggest stumbling blocks you’ll need to overcome before your new franchise can open for business.

Before you open your franchise business for sale, there are a few things you need to do.

Are you serious about purchasing a franchise?

This is the start of the procedure. You’ve decided that you want to start your company, be your own boss, control your destiny, and live a life of independence. But, of course, you don’t yet have a clear notion of what the franchise of your dreams might be, so you’ll have to go on a quest to find out. As mentioned earlier, this will majorly decide how long it will take to start your business.

  • Select a franchise

You begin off on a voyage into the unknown, much like an explorer, searching for the right franchise for you. Perhaps you’ll begin by focusing on a product or service that you enjoy and believe will provide a solid foundation for a successful business. Then, you begin your franchise hunt, most likely online. You discover a great deal of data—so much data that figuring out how to arrange or sort it is nearly difficult.

Finally, you opt to contact individual companies that appear to be a good fit for you based on the service or product they provide. This section of your journey can last as little as a month, or it can go on indefinitely if you make the error of sailing your boat in circles.

  • Complete the necessary documentation and forms

If you’re lucky, you’ll consider what life would be like as a franchisee in each of the firms you’re considering. This can assist you to avoid making the costly error of working in a job that you despise.

Once you’ve finished your research and found the ideal franchise for you, you’ll need to fill out all necessary paperwork to become an official franchisee. Contract evaluations, territorial analysis and selection, and preliminary funding commitments are frequently included in this process stage. Although there is a lot of work to be done here, it can usually be accomplished in a few weeks.

  • Decide on a place

The most important factor in deciding how long it will take to go from selecting a franchise to launching for business is the real estate location you choose. Some franchises are run from home, for example, Window Medics. Thus this step takes no time at all for them. Others are companies that can operate in various places, making real estate selection and lease conclusion very simple and quick—say, within a month or two.

Then some franchises have highly particular location and space requirements, frequently requiring high-demand areas with limited availability. Finding the proper location with the correct financial parameters that will give the firm the best possible chance for success can take anywhere from six to twelve months, or even longer, for this type of franchise.

As inconvenient as delays can be for a location-based business, taking corners on-site quality or lease terms can place you in a situation where your earnings potential is limited. This is an area where you must take the time needed to perfect it and not be concerned about delays. If that doesn’t work for you, look for another franchise opportunity.

  • Open a store

Even if it’s only putting up an office in your home for a home-based business, most franchises involve some level of construction and build-out for your location. For other franchisees, build-out can be a time-consuming procedure that includes finding a general contractor, acquiring permits and variances, ordering equipment, furniture, and other leasehold improvement items, and a variety of other tasks.

The more complicated the build-out, the more help from the franchising firm is usually accessible. However, any site-dependent franchise should expect this procedure to take at least one to three months.

  • Training

You’ll have to go through the franchise company’s new franchisee training program at some point. Training may generally be done while you’re doing something else, such as working on real estate or planning your grand opening marketing strategy. Most training programs last one to three weeks, but they can last considerably longer if you’re also required to gain operational experience in an established unit (which can be a fantastic learning experience).

  • It’s time to start your new business

You’ve finally arrived at the moment when your new franchise will open for business. Depending on the type of franchise, it might take anywhere from two to twelve months to get your firm up and running. While the delays may feel interminable while you’re going through them, the excitement of finally being able to open your doors will quickly erase them as you focus on your new business and clients.

Conclusion From the information you have from the list above, starting a franchise business for sale is no rocket science. Especially when you decide to become part of an organization such as Window Medics, there is guidance from all ends. It is a highly reputed company offering top-class glass repair and restoration services across the United States. So, if you are passionate about starting a franchise business, let the Window Medics team know about your aspirations on 1-888-329-7116. You can drop an email to

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