Is Running A Franchise Business Difficult?

Owning a franchise is an attractive proposition for all aspiring entrepreneurs as it comes with its benefits. Not only does it provide the popularity of an already established brand, but its existing model can also be replicated right from the start. But that doesn’t mean that there are no perils of buying a franchise of a business for sale. On the contrary, there are definite concern points that all entrepreneurs must look into before jumping into the game. 

So, is running a franchise business difficult? We will provide you with the pros and cons of the business proposition to make an informed decision.

Advantages of owning a franchise

Irrespective of what franchise you buy, there are certain benefits it provides:

  • No start-up struggles

Owning a franchise relieves you of the burden of having to go through the first stages of a business. If you want to bypass the initial steps, such as developing a business plan, researching the market, branding and marketing, developing a viable product, testing the product, and implementing the findings, that is possible. When you purchase a franchise, you are essentially starting with an already established firm that has a proven business strategy. Then you may start thinking about how to make money right immediately.

  • Brand recognition

When it comes to starting a business, branding and promotion are two of the most challenging aspects to master. And owning a franchise relieves you of the burden of this time-consuming activity. If you purchase a franchise, on the other hand, you are bringing a well-known and reputable brand home with you. When customers enter into the business, they know exactly what they will find there.

  • Training the staff

Yet another barrier that start-ups must face is preparing their employees to manage and scale the business. However, the majority of organisations that offer franchise ownership also offer training programmes to prepare your employees.

  • Extra edge with branding

An established brand that is offering franchise opportunities already has the branding materials, strategy, and implementation in place. Some business owners also give marketing materials, television commercials, and radio advertising slots, among other things. Consequently, you must jump on the bandwagon and begin your work immediately.

  • Disadvantages of buying a franchise

No business model is perfect, and buying a franchise too comes with its own sets of setbacks. 

  • Following the pre-set franchise rules

Despite the fact that entrepreneurs enjoy being their own bosses, this may not always be the case for franchise owners. The mother brand will have its own set of rules and regulations, as well as its own system operations and instructions, which you will be required to adhere to. Furthermore, you may not have the ability to make judgments on your own in certain situations.

  • Start-up cost may wary

If you wish to start your own business, you can cut costs at your discretion. But that is not the case with owning a business for sale. You will have to buy it at a cost pre-decided by the brand. It might sometimes be even higher than starting your own business. 

  • Recurring royalty payments

Paying the royalty on an ongoing basis is an additional expense that franchisees must bear for the duration of their ownership of the business. Some companies additionally require franchisees to contribute to the company’s total marketing and advertising expenditures by making a financial contribution.

  • Contracts and agreements

Owning a business implies a desire to conduct business in your own manner. However, with a franchise, this may not be the case because the contracts and agreements will have various fine print provisions that will restrict your ability to do things in a specific manner. Any deviation or failure to comply with regulations can result in the loss of your business.


While all the above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages stand true for most businesses for sale, certain brands provide a little more leeway and freedom while owning their franchise. And Window Medics is one of them. Although window Medics is a known and recognized name in the window restoration business, Window Medics provide a royalty-free franchise with one of the cheapest start-up costs. In addition, their experts provide ongoing support and training to franchise owners to kickstart their business hassle-free, apart from providing marketing material, advertising slots, all the equipment for window repair and restoration, etc. 

All this makes owning a Window Medics franchise a hassle-free proposition. So, having a franchise business might have its own set of challenges, but if you buy it from Window Medics, there are only benefits to reap. For more details call 888-329-7116 or drop an email at

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