What Are Some Cheap Franchise Businesses In The US?

Are you based in the US and seeking opportunities to run your dream business? If yes, then you might already be having a tug-of-war regarding startups or franchises. These two business options right now are quite popular among business persons. Those with unique business ideas and ample funds can opt for startups. But given the high risk involved in running startups, many entrepreneurs are trying to play it safe. And this safe option is none other than the franchise business model.

Multiple franchise businesses have proliferated in the US over the last one or two decades. Reputed and well-established brands are coming forward with franchise models so that other like-minded entrepreneurs join them and expand their business and brand value. If you also wish to join a franchise business, this blog will serve as a value-bomb for you. From telling you about how to start a window cleaning business to spilling the beans on different franchise options available in the US, you will get it all here. So dive deeper to know the details!

Cheap franchise business options are available in the US!

  • Window Medics

Window Medics has to top the chart of cheap franchise businesses available in the US. It is a pioneering glass repair, restoration, and installation company and enjoys a vast client base. Entrepreneurs have always been fond of Window Medics because of the incredible franchising facilities at minimal investment fees.

Window Medics is reputed for the high-quality service to each of its clients. And that’s why clients return to the brand for repeat services. Once you join the franchise of Window Medics, you will never face a lack of clients. Your association with this glass cleaning and repairing giant is enough to build your credibility in the market.

Besides, franchisees get trained intensively by team Window Medics. This training involves details like how to start a window cleaning business, manage the inventory and staff, market yourself in the industry, and so on. These training programs will come in handy in running this glass cleaning and repairing business on your terms.

Franchise fee: $35,000

  • Travel Leaders

This brand aims at enhancing the traveling experience for all the tourists. They have a progressive approach toward offering the best to the clients. It was founded in the year 1988. Travel Leaders has over 353 franchises, and you can be the next by investing the required amount of franchise fee.

It offers an all-inclusive toolbox for all franchisees. You will get access to different facilities such as sales presentation training, pricing, client acquisition, RFP responses, and more.

Franchise fee: $2,270

  • Jan-Pro

For all those entrepreneurs in the cleaning industry, Jan Pro can be an excellent opportunity. It offers commercial cleaning services and is also a renowned franchising business option. It has over 8000 franchise units across the globe. The best part is you can work from your home if you have the Jan Pro franchise. In addition, the brand will help you with initial equipment, cleaning accounts, cleaning standards, marketing support, and so on.

Franchise fee: $3,985

  • Baby Bootcamp

This one is a family-friendly franchise opportunity. It allows the franchisees to enjoy the right balance between family, fitness, and work. The community includes multiple fitness enthusiast mompreneurs. The brand has over 63 franchise units. It offers exemplary business support to franchisees and helps them with impactful marketing strategies and programs.

Franchise fee: $6,125

  • Chester’s

Are you a die-hard foodie? Then you will love to run this food outlet that sells fried chicken. It is a food chain based in the US. You will find the outlets mainly in airports, convenience stores, college campuses, supermarkets, truck stops, etc. Chester’s is known for its unique taste. The friend chicken pieces taste delicious, soft, tender, and juicy from within. If this makes your mouth water and lets you mint some easy cash, you should definitely give it a try.

Franchise fee: $12,000

  • Proforma

Proforma can be the perfect fit for all those entrepreneurs who have an interest and experience in the print and promotional products industry. You need not have to maintain any storefront, equipment, or inventory. Also, the target audience of Proforma includes upper market, middle-market, and Fortune 500 companies. You can operate the franchise business from your own home or a leased office. They will provide you with sales and marketing tactics, comprehensive training, and more.

Franchise fee: $5,030

In a nutshell

So, these are some of the most feasible franchise options available in the US. This list will help you choose the right business option for you. If you have not yet been able to make up your mind, join Window Medics. Pay a minimal franchise fee and take your business to the next level. To know more about Window Medics call 888-329-7116 or email at info@windowmedics.com

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