What are the best home business opportunities in the US?

There’s nothing like owning a business you haven’t built from the ground up and operating that business that doesn’t require a physical location. And with home-based business opportunities, you have both.

A home-based business is great because it saves both cost and time. You don’t have to pay for extra dedicated space or for commuting to work. We have found you the best of the best home business opportunities. Find the right one for yourself, and begin the process of buying the opportunity.

  1. Window Medics

Who doesn’t want a profitable business without paying for dedicated spaces or even a royalty fee? If a business category is not your prime concern, then Window Medics is definitely for you. With only two days of training, including both hands-on training plus theory, you will be ready to start offering Window Medics glass repair and replacement services in your local area.

Window Medics business opportunity offers a unique opportunity that can make you a successful franchisee unit regardless of where you have set up your business. This opportunity comes in the form of a unique and patented defogging process, which many other window and glass company has failed to develop.

Window Medics offers marketing support, training, marketing materials, and ongoing business support as and when needed.

  1. Cruise Planners

Travel is always sweet but sweeter when someone takes care of your planning and sweetest when someone expert and professional do it. Are you that professional who can help people looking for escapism with cruise planning? If yes, Cruise Planners is the right business opportunity for you.

You can operate your business opportunity from home, and there will be hardly any need to market your services in your area because Cruise Planners is prominent in brand recognition. Every day, you connect with various travelers looking for their perfect vacations on a cruise. The company has also started to offer land-based travel options now.

Don’t worry if you are not a travel enthusiast yourself, and you will receive comprehensive and relevant training to operate your business competently.

  1. Seniors Helping Seniors

Sometimes the seniors or the elderly want to be left alone, yet they cannot do it all on their own. This is where the problem arises, and this is where Seniors Helping Seniors comes in. Seniors Helping Seniors is purely a non-medical home care service involved in home maintenance services to senior citizens.

The company thinks that it is ideal if you are someone who loves spending time with people or helping others in general. Although the services you will be offering as a franchisee are simple, including housekeeping, cooking, shopping, yard work, or pet keeping, you will receive comprehensive training and ongoing support from your franchisor.

Your franchise fee is $45,000, and you can make an initial investment of $86,785 as a minimum.

  1. Ecomaids

There is always something for eco-friendly people, like Ecomaids, which focuses on non-toxic home cleaning services. It is very important for a home cleaning service to be eco-friendly because of the waste home creates and the way they are disposed of.

Ecomaids offer training and support that helps you be a better franchisee unit, and you can keep renewing your franchisee-franchisor agreement free of charge. The company has over 50 years of franchising experience. One of the best parts of this franchise is that you will have a location that is dedicated just for you, and no other Ecomaids franchisee unit will be set up in your area.

  1. Digital Marketing Training Group

Digital marketing services are highly on-demand today, and there seem to be endless digital marketing groups or businesses. But there can only be a few that are seeing the true success or profit because they are experienced and truly gets the job done. This is why instead of starting a business from the ground up, you can be a part of the Digital Marketing Training Group franchise.

Digital Marketing Training Group franchise opportunity doesn’t require the franchisee to be experienced with anything digital marketing because you will learn all about digital marketing and will get training to provide the services to your customers.

The franchise fee of the Digital Marketing Training Group franchise opportunity is not the cheapest, which starts at $27,000 and may go up to $69,000. Still, it can be highly profitable if you are following the business model.


Going for a business that meets your interest and has a USP to offer its customers is a lifetime business opportunity. Companies like Window Medics are fast growing because of their unique selling points; hence, even the franchisee units do well in the market.

If you are looking for more info about Window Medics, call at 888-329-7116 or send an email at: info@windowmedics.com.

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