What Would Be The Best Business To Start With $100k?

There are several benefits of purchasing a franchise business for sale. The best part is that you will have the authority to operate the business on your own terms while enjoying the benefits attached to the goodwill of the franchisor organization. The record states that a franchise business hardly fails, and that is why it is always safer to opt for one rather than trying to establish a new company entirely.

A franchise business for sale is the one that allows other independent entrepreneurs to purchase rights to encash its name, reputation, goodwill, logo, products, and more and use it in their business location. A franchisor company is the larger entity that sells the authority of their business license. The franchisee is the other entity that acts as an operator of the same in other business locations.

Since it is not mandatory that purchasing a franchise business for sale should not be a burden on your budget, here is a compilation of the best options that will cost you nothing more than $100k.

Which is the best franchise business for sale opportunities in the United States?

This list compiles names of companies that belong to various industries. It shows that your options are not just open but pretty wide too. It is now on you to choose which market you want to explore and which company offers the most attractive range of benefits to choose from.

Window Medics

According to business experts, the window and door glass repair market has incredible growth potential. Therefore, if you are also trying to step into this industry and looking for a low-cost business opportunity, Window Medics perfectly fits your choice. It is a reputed window and door glass repair and reinstallation company that serves commercial and residential clients.

It has been gaining popularity due to its top-class services since its inception in 2004. Several franchisees are associated with Window Medics now, and the company is calling more entrepreneurs to join the business as part of its expansion plans. Window Medics operates in several places across the United States and Canada.

If you create contact with existing franchisees, they will give you a review of the company’s benefits to dedicated franchisee businesses. After you decide to apply for a dealership at Window Medics, the management will check all the details and shortlist candidates who seem the most suitable for the type of services that the company provides.

If you are one of them, they will offer a world-class training session to prepare you for the business. Industry experts will make you undergo extensive practical training, which justifies that Window Medics does not ask you to have prior industry experience.

Apart from training, the franchise start-up cost is $35,000, which is regarded very affordable when compared to other well-known franchise firms for sale. As a Window Medics franchisee, you will be eligible for a slew of additional perks.


Whenever you want to have donuts, the first name that comes to mind is undoubtedly Dunkin’. They are the country’s solution for sweet cravings, and the best part is that this brand has a fair range of savory items that helps balance out everything.

According to the Brand Keys index, Dunkin’ is the best-rated company in terms of customer loyalty. Therefore, with all these positive aspects of the brand, there is no reason left why you should not opt for a Dunkin’ franchise. It is undoubtedly a massive growth opportunity for every entrepreneur who is a food enthusiast and wants to explore this industry.

The cost of starting a franchise ranges from $40k to $90k, and you can get third-party funding quickly. To learn more about the investment, returns, and other topics, go to their website or contact them directly.

Sport Clips

Sport Clips has shown stability and strength like no other company for over five years as a reputed hair salon brand. The continuity rate of the Sport Clips business is as high as 95.4% assuring aspiring entrepreneurs about their decision to purchase a dealership of this company.

The start-up franchise fee is $59,500, and the initial investment is a little higher because it includes various other aspects. Being a low-cost business opportunity, it is creating quite a stir amongst ambitious entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about exploring the beauty and wellness industry.

Sport Clips has an excellent support system and fantastic store performance that includes constant monitoring. All of these factors together create the best package that promises incredible growth to franchisees.


If you are looking for franchise opportunities that you can choose even with the lowest budget level, then Jazzercise is a great option. Especially if you are a fitness enthusiast, Jazzercise is a pretty appealing business option with only a franchise fee of $1,250. Moreover, the total initial investment will be nothing more than $2.5K to $38k.


Window Medics is a highly reputed glass repair and replacement company functioning actively across the United States and Canada. Purchasing a Window Medics business for sale dealership is the greatest alternative if you’re seeking for a prospective business opportunity in this field. There’s no chance you’ll be sorry for choosing us because we offer a wide range of benefits and world-class training.Moreover, the demand for glass window and door repair will always remain positively high, which assures business sustainability. Therefore, with a guarantee at every stage, call the window experts on 1-888-329-7116 or write to info@windowmedics.com for more details.

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