Window Medics Offers Low-Cost Business Opportunity in Canada

If you aspire to be an entrepreneur and start your business or expand an existing one, Window Medics is a low-cost business opportunity. It is one of the fastest ways of achieving success, irrespective of how much you know about windows. Of course, if you know about the installation, repairs, and life cycle of windows, this will automatically make sense. However, if you are unaware, then a little explanation will take you a long way.

What Must You Know About De-Fogging?

The sun shining on a triple or double pane window is quite common. The hot air then heats all the gaps that are left between the window panes. As the air spreads more, the pressure starts increasing too. Since the windows are not hermetically sealed, they do not explode quickly. Had it been the other way round, windows would explode during intense summers. Instead, tiny amounts of air are released into the atmosphere.

During the evening, the reverse activity occurs as soon as the sun goes down and the heat is low. In this case, the air, instead of getting released, draws back into the gaps. Now, this is the whole process of solar pumping. The air that is coming in contains a considerable amount of moisture.

The silica desiccant that’s part of the spacer bar absorbs it all. For a long time, due to moisture buildup, the silica desiccant reaches its optimum point causing fogging of the windows. Technically, that’s when there is a requirement for a new window. However, that’s not the case with Window Medics, as they have come up with a unique process to defog windows and bring them back to their original condition. Moreover, our defogging process can increase your window’s lifespan by over 20 more years.

Window Medics Dealership Is a Low-Cost Business Opportunity

Customers are happy because they are saving all the amount that was required for windows replacement. It is better to wrap your head around such concepts when choosing Window Medics as your future low-cost business opportunity. On the other hand, if you are worried about a low customer base due to such long-term services, there is nothing to worry about.

If you take a deeper look at the figures, customers will call a Window Medics dealer to defog windows minimum of 12 years old. However, every year, if you look at it the other way round, a minimum of 8% of all the buildings in your area with double glazing will need defogging. Therefore, when you choose to be a Window Medics dealer, there is no way that you will not have enough customers.

Think about your home at first. Would you not prefer saving 70% of the amount you would have spent on new windows when you can get defogging instead? The concept is pretty much self-explanatory, and the answer is so obvious. Moreover, this is a low-cost business opportunity that is rare and therefore leaves you with almost no competitor in the area.

You are in a win-win situation because there are so many customers who will surely come to you. After all, they are happy to save money. On the other hand, the foggy windows do not make way to the landfill which means the concept of defogging is environment- friendly too. Along with defogging, you must also be well-equipped to repair broken windows.

Now, that’s quite common for windows to end up with broken panes or hinges. When none of these techniques work, and it is time for a replacement, Window Medics is still the best option. They offer a wide array of window designs and styles for replacement. Apart from that, there is a range of exterior doors too.

Customers can choose from the Window Medics door range made out of wrought iron, fiberglass, glass, and more. Are you now worried that you may have to pay thousands of dollars to acquire a Window Medics license? Well no! Window Medics is genuinely offering a low cost business opportunity.

What Do You Get?

Our only wish is to welcome committed entrepreneurs to the Window Medics family and grow together quickly. In this post, we will explain every single detail before you make a decision. After you have made one, here is what you get primarily:

  • 2-day training session
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Comprehensive support
  • Zero experience needed
  • Start-up packages and marketing materials
  • Golden opportunity with apparently zero competition
  • Home set up flexibility, and no requirement of premises
  • Becoming part of an incredibly dynamic industry
  • Simple restoration procedure
  • Zero royalties
  • Constant marketing support

Window Medics is successfully expanding the business and are now spread over 200 locations across Canada. We consider this to be a massive achievement.

There is yet another good news that we want to give! If you do not have the amount to acquire the license right now, Window Medics will decide if you are a genuine person who deserves this low cost business opportunity. If the company sees you are a promising entrepreneur, they will even lend you half of the licensing fee, which is too at zero interest.

Window Medics will give 50% of the fee to you like a loan and deduct the same in small parts from your profit. You can reach out to the support team for more details.


Window Medics understands that it’s a long journey, and that’s why they are offering such a potential, low cost business opportunity to you. There is no reason you should not take up such a golden opportunity and start earning profits. Besides, you will cater to customers primarily in your area, which means convenience is a part of the Window Medics dealership business.

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