12 Best Low-Cost Franchises to Start a Business in the US

When you research about owning a business, as a new entrepreneur, you might find various ideas online, and you will also come across people who would suggest you own a franchise instead of starting a business. Some of the best low-cost franchises are also some of the best ones, as they provide high ROI. Many people think that just because a franchise is low cost, it cannot be as successful as the costlier ones; however, they cannot be further from the truth.

In today’s business scenario, owning a franchise is more common than you think because people can buy an already existing business model that has already been working for the parent company for years, if not decades, now. So, buying franchises gives them access to the tried-and-tested business model, their existing customer base and many a time, marketing support from the company.

Things to remember before buying a franchise

To own a franchise, the first thing you should have is the money, which goes without saying. Even though you might not have to take out a loan to buy a low-cost franchise, you should remember that acquiring funds to buy a franchise is easier. You should also know whether the business that you are buying a franchise from would work in your local area. If not, no matter how successful the parent company is, you would have much success with the franchise.

12 Best Low-Cost Franchises to Start a Business in the US

  1. Window Medics: If you have noticed that there is no window repair company or store in your local area, it might be the right time to buy a Window Medics franchise. Window Medics is a window glass repair, replacement and installation company that has been providing services to commercial and residential properties for more than ten years. Window Medics is one of the most popular businesses because of the top-notch services, use of a patented window defogging process, and providing same-day services in case of emergencies.

As Window Medics expands its business to more locations countrywide, they are in search of young, passionate professionals to buy its franchising opportunities. No matter whether you have previous experience in owning a window glass repair business, Window Medics offer its franchise for everyone either way because they train their franchisees about their business model, to use their window repairing and defogging tools and to market their business. To know details about the Window Medics franchise business, call 888-329-7116 or email at info@windowmedics.com.

  1. Cruise Planners: For people who cannot leave their homes for whatever reason but looking for a franchise to own, Cruise Planners might be the ideal franchise for you. Since you do not require initial inventory and a separate storefront to run this franchise, the initial investment that you are required to make is extremely low too.
  2. Dream vacations: If you think you would love to help people plan their vacations, the Dream Vacations franchise is perfect for you. It is another franchise you can run from the home premise, and it requires you to invest a little amount as the initial investment.
  3. Chem-Dry: Chem-dry is a carpet cleaning company looking for people to buy their franchise as they rapidly expand their business to more cities and small towns. So if you have the means to rent out a cleaning space for big carpets and install all the cleaning equipment, this franchise is perfect for you.
  4. Stratus Building Solutions: As more and more people opt for environmentally friendly solutions for all aspects of their lives, owning a Stratus Building Solutions franchise could be highly profitable. They are providing environmentally friendly solutions to meet the janitorial needs of malls, office spaces, educational institutions etc.
  5. Fit4Mom: Fit4Mom already has more than 300 franchises running across the country, and they are looking for more franchisees to provide their fitness solutions for mothers. Depending on how big you want your office space to be, the initial cost of the franchise may vary from $2000 to $23,000.
  6. Destination Athlete: If your local area has a good number of sports teams, be it a school or college, owning a Destination Athlete franchise can be highly profitable. This company allows team owners to get everything they need for their athletic team, sports equipment, jerseys, spirit wear etc.
  7. Showhomes Home Staging: If you live in a growing town and new properties are popping up and getting ready for sales, owning a Showhomes Home Staging would be highly profitable for you. The company prepares a house for sale by decorating it with furnishings to make it attractive.
  8. GYMGUYZ: Another low-cost business opportunity that you can buy is the GYMGUYZ franchise. The company is designed to bring gyms to people in a mobile gym with vans packed with state-of-the-art equipment. This is a franchise you can run from home; however, if you want to make more profit, you should hire trainers to service more customers.
  9. Chester’s Chicken: Many fast food franchises are expensive to buy and might not have as much profit as you would like. If you want to own a fast food franchise, go for Chester’s Chicken instead of choosing the mainstream ones, as they offer high ROI in their franchises.
  10. Property Management, Inc.: If you have ever dreamt of being a property manager but have no idea where to start, buying a franchise from the Property Management, Inc. might give you a headstart. The company operates in multiple locations and plans to expand further.
  11. Anago Cleaning Systems: Commercial and office building owners often hire cleaning companies to keep their properties nice and clean. Buying Anago Cleaning Systems does not require spending million on the initial investment, and they are a high-profit business too. You can run the franchise from your home premise, earn a high profit, and have an income source year-round.

These are the top 12 low-cost franchise opportunities for you to choose from to invest your money, knowing it will be a successful business journey.

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