20 Years of Proven Success: Window Medics is making franchising easy in the United States

Window Medics brings you the perfect business idea for small business owners looking to start their franchise as a lucrative business. Window Medics has steadily gained popularity in the Window defogging business as one of the modern times’ most promising and successful businesses.

With its unique and patented services, you can now buy a franchise business from Window Medics. Since no other business is allowed to provide service like Window Medics’, you have a chance to become the fastest growing business in your local area.

Your franchise with Window Medics will see profit and success not long after launching it with no other business to compete with. 

What exclusive service does Window Medics provide?

If you have ever come across any double or triple pane window, you might have noticed that they fog up after a good few years passes by. It happens due to moisture getting trapped between the glass panes. While it does take a few years for the windows to fog up, it reaches the end of its life once it is completely fogged up. 

During the summer season, in the daytime, the air between the window panes starts getting hotter, and as the night falls, the air gets colder. The process of solar pumping includes the drawing back of air from the gaps of the window panes at night, and the spreading of air into the gaps under heat causes the moisture to get trapped. 

With the moisture build-up over the years, the silica desiccant ceases to work, and windows eventually fog up as a result. What Window Medics does is defog the windows from time to time so that the windows can last longer. 

While a normal double or triple pane window lasts for somewhere around ten years, if people start defogging it once in a while, the windows have the chance to last at least 20 years. Window Medics is looking forward to collaborating with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and other interested business people. With no other business dealing with Window defogging services, Window Medics is looking at a long, successful road ahead.

Window Medics uses state-of-the-technology to defog the windows. There are looking to spread their patented business to every corner of the country. You can now buy a franchise business with Window Medics, no matter how small or big a business you have. 

Window Medics offers a new opportunity to find the suitable customer base if you are a small business. If you are a well-established business and are willing to diversify your business and buy a franchise business, Window Medics is ready to welcome you with open arms.

Avail of the low-cost business opportunity with Window Medics

To buy a franchise business with Window Medics, you do not need to invest millions of dollars. Unlike many other businesses, you would not have to worry about whether the amount you invest will be profitable for you. You can be assured that whatever amount you put into an investment, you will get it back tenfold within a couple of years, if not months, in profit.

Normally people call Window Medics dealer every 12 years to defog their windows. However, of all the building that uses double or triple pane windows, at least 8% of them will require defogging every year. So, when you buy a franchise business with Window Medics, you will have a yearly income source.

Most people prefer to defog their windows and restore their windows to their original condition because it is easier and cost-effective to replace them instead of reinstalling them. 

Window Medics has proven in the last 20 years of its journey that it will be here for a long time. It is the right time, as a business owner, for you to buy a franchise business from them and have a strong foothold in your local area. 

What will you get as one of the esteemed dealers of Window Medics?

Window Medics believe in their company’s vision and is certain that they will reach as many cities as possible when they offer their dealers some of the most extravagant deals.

Window Medics understand that their license fee can be expensive for small business owners. They offer loans on up to 50% of the fee. You can pay the 50% when you apply for the license, and the remaining 50% you can pay whenever you start receiving profit from the Window defogging business. 

For the fee you invest on the license, you will also get –

● Two days of a training session, the experts will show you how to operate the defogging machinery.

● Support on both the technical and marketing front.

● Marketing materials for you to get started with. 

● No prior experience necessary. All you need to have is a business mind and the ability to learn quickly about the defogging process.

● Even if you do not have an office of your own, you start working for Window Medics from your home.

● Since the defogging service is patented to Window Medics, you will be the only player on the field no matter where your business is based as they invented the process. 


By choosing to be a part of the Window Medics franchisee, you choose to become a part of one of the fastest-growing businesses in the country. Many commercial and residential building today uses double or triple pane window for varied reasons, so you will own a business that has the opportunity to grow only further. 

Only in 20 years since its foundation, Window Medics is now spread across 200 locations and still growing. They offer a replacement for a vast range of windows, no matter what the style is. 

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