5 Best Franchise Opportunities to Buy & Own

Finding a profitable franchise business for sale is a wise option for anyone looking for an independent business to enjoy the position of a successful entrepreneur without having to bear all the risks of starting a business from scratch.

When you choose a franchising business, it has a few prepared aspects such as an established business model, supplier and supplier network, and, of course, goodwill.

All of this leads to the reduction of several responsibilities that would have burdened you if you had been involved in the creation of a news organization, so choosing a reputable organization like Window Medics, which offers profitable franchise opportunities, is the best choice for entrepreneurs, especially those who are less experienced.

Selecting a profitable franchise business for sale is pretty challenging

To analyze beforehand, the expected revenue that you may earn from a particular franchise business depends majorly on a cluster of factors. However, there are a few specific boxes that a franchise must tick to prove that it has the potential of helping all franchisees earn decent revenue.

So, the franchise business for sale that you choose to progress with must be suitable for your business territory, have experts to guide you regarding any problem, and have a positive reputation, of course. The annual revenue and number of existing franchisees are also indicators that help to prove whether a business is promising or not.

According to business experts, there is an effective way of determining whether a business will earn enough revenue and run for a long time. For this, you should check clause 19 in the franchise disclosure document, also called FDD. It is the point that speaks in detail regarding the financial performance of a business.

So, it is best to consult with a professional lawyer or accountant who will guide you with your decision to finalize a business and understand the figures better. Moreover, when you are aiming to gain something, it also means the mitigation of debts.

Before selecting a franchise business for sale, you must analyze your financial stand first. Ask yourself whether or not you will be able to bear all the unprecedented and upfront costs apart from the investment cost and the franchise fee. Only if the answer is optimistic will it be clear that your decision to move ahead with a particular franchisor makes sense.

Of course, finalizing whether running a franchise business is a practical idea is entirely subjective. So, here is a compilation of franchise opportunities that seem to have maximum potential presently.

What are the best franchise opportunities to select?

The following five franchise businesses for sale represent various industries with different brand recognition, investment amounts, and opportunities. It is finally up to you to decide which option seems to be the most suitable for you.

  1. Window Medics

Window Medics is one of the most reputed glass repair, replacement, and restoration companies functioning across the United States and Canada. With an existing technician strength of over 200, the company successfully caters to clients and customers in more than 100 locations.

Window Medics offers promising dealership opportunities to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs looking forward to running independent businesses in their areas. With a team of experts to guide franchise businesses at every step, an opportunity like this is unmissable.

Moreover, every eligible dealer will undergo practical training to understand the trade along with modern ways of online business management and more. The Window Medics franchise is also one of the low-cost franchise businesses for sale in the United States.

So, if you feel passionate about starting a new career and exploring this industry, choosing to associate with Window Medics seems to be a great plan. You can apply for a dealership by filling up the form from the official Window Medics website directly. The start-up cost of a Window Medics franchise is $35,000.

  • Dream Vacations

If you are passionate about traveling and aspire to start your travel agency, then a Dream Vacations franchise can be an excellent platform for you. Out of all the advantages of selecting Dream Vacations, it has a pretty low start-up cost of approximately $20,000 and a franchise fee of around $10,000.

However, based on your experience level, the company may offer you a discount on the latter. Apart from this, the goodwill of Dream Vacations is better than most of the other companies in this industry. The company offers unique benefits to specific franchisees, including military spouses, veterans, teachers, medical professionals, and similar community heroes.

  • The Maids

With more than 40 years of expertise in the industry, The Maids offers profitable franchise opportunities to several people. It is an excellent decision to choose this company because of its superb reputation and average annual revenue of $1.1 million. Besides this, The Maids has a fantastic team of experts who offer support to franchisees regarding any problems they face along the way. The initial franchise fee to become a Maids franchisee is $12,500, and the approximate start-up cost is between $48,950 and $124,950.

  • Anytime Fitness

As the name suggests, Anytime Fitness offers facilities to clients 24x7x365 days. The fact that dealers associating with this organization offer services whenever the client is needed make it an in-demand business.

As a result, the revenue-earning potential, in this case, is higher too because clients in your business territory will gain trust quickly. Moreover, Anytime Fitness has a record of enrolling one member every minute, which indicates their massive market. You can start this franchise business by paying an initial fee of $3,150 along with an investment of $58,870.


This company is globally known for its janitorial and cleaning services. With the experience of more than 25 years and a fabulous reputation all across the nation, JAN-PRO can be listed as one of the most potential franchise businesses for sale. You can associate with this business irrespective of your level of expertise and also be able to work from remote locations. It is a flexible and low-cost business opportunity overall. The initial franchising fee starts at $1,000, and the minimum start-up cost is also $1,000.

Conclusion Now that you are aware of some of the best business opportunities, it will be easier to decide. As already mentioned, Window Medics franchise business is a great opportunity to put a cost-effective franchise business up for sale. The company does not ask for previous industry experience, which makes it an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to do something better in life. For more details about dealership program email at – info@windowmedics.com

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