6 Most Affordable Franchises In The United States (Under $40,000)

Owning a franchise is the perfect way to kickstart your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. It is not as risky as starting a business from scratch, and it doesn’t require you to invest a huge amount of money either. Instead, owning a franchise provides several other benefits that make it a perfect option to start a business. You get the benefits of an already established brand name and its loyal customer base, and you know that the business model the franchisor follows is a tried and tested mothed that has worked for them. Apart from that, many franchisors also provide suitable training to the management and staff members and provide several other perks like easy finances, flat royalty fee, lead generation for a certain amount of time, etc. 

But arranging the right amount of money can still be a challenge for many. So, here are is a list of 6 affordable franchises in the United States that you can start below $40,000: 

Window Medics

A renowned name in the field of window repair and restoration, Window Medics is one of the perfect choices if you wish to start with a low-cost investment and still have business around the year. Window Medics ticks all the right boxes for being the right choice for owning a franchise. Window repair and restoration is a need-based business, which is free of recessions and economic slowdowns. And windows need to be cleaned and repaired time, and again, so you will get enough repeat customers too. 

If finance is your major concern, then rest assured as Window Medics provide one of the most affordable start-up costs amongst all their competitors. And the best part is that they don’t charge any royalty. So, whatever profit you make is for you to save and invest. Apart from providing logistical support like delivering specialized equipment, and advertising and marketing material, they also provide training for the franchise owners at their dedicated training centers. Such is the nature of their business that you don’t need a dedicated office space either. You can start your business from home with your teammates operating from different locations. 

Maid Simple

If you have a knack for keeping things clean, then this is for you. Maid Simple House Cleaning by Maid Brigade has been in business for over 30 years and has seen a steady rise in its number of franchises. As people get busier in their lives, the need to hire cleaning staff will only increase. So, there seems to be a fair chance that you will never run out of business. The franchisors provide training, financial support for advertising and offer different ownership models to support the franchise owners. 

Claimtek Systems

The medical industry is yet another industry that is recession-free and receives business throughout the years. This is what makes investing in Claimtek Systems affordable and profitable. It is a billing business where a doctor sends insurance claims to the coder, and the coder sends them to the insurer for the amount to be paid. You can start this business from anywhere, and it doesn’t require any heavy initial investment. 

Little Medical School

This is a teaching program where children between the age group of 3-14 are inspired to take up the medical field as a career option. Owning their franchise is easy as you don’t need to have a brick-and-mortar setup. Instead, Little Medical School travels to other schools, community centers, birthday parties, workshops, pre-schools, etc., to reach out to children. The franchisor even waves off the royalty fee for the first three months. 

Weed Man

A landscaping business, the Weed Man franchise offers several benefits. It’s a recession-free business as people do need to maintain their houses even during economic slowdowns. They provide training in accounting, operations, marketing, and more. They follow a declining royalty system, which means that you pay lesser as your business grows older. 

Blue Coast Saving Consultants

It is a unique business proposition that can be started part-time or even from home. The best part is that the franchisor provides leads to the franchise owners to kickstart their business. What else do you need? They also provide digital tools and tech support, training programs, live videos, and Blue Coast Systems. With this franchise, you can work in minimum investment and follow a cost-cutting system. 


With these easy-to-start, affordable franchise options, there is no reason why you should not start your own business now. Whichever franchise you choose to buy, make sure you check the nature of the business, if it’s a part of a growing market, how much support the franchisor provides, and the terms and conditions of ownership. 

Our pick from the list is Window Medics that works best for people who have limited budgets to start their own business. To know details about Window Medics franchise business call 888-329-7116 or email at info@windowmedics.com

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