7 Small Franchise Businesses in the US

Are you bored of the monotonous 9-5 rut? Do you wish to start your own business and fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams? Then you can either go for a start-up idea or buy the franchise of a popular and well-established brand. Just know that whatever path you choose will decide the future of your career. So, be mindful of your choice and research well before investing your precious time and money in an idea.

Start-up or franchise – what should you choose?

Both have their own set of pros and cons. So, it is totally up to you as to which career path you opt for. Start-ups will demand a lot of patience on your end. The struggle may make you overwhelmed. Lack of funds, unavailability of investors, high risk, misunderstanding among the partners – start-up owners go through a lot. So, when you see a start-up brand reaching the pinnacle of success, know that it is not an overnight success. Rather, it is the culmination of multiple years of effort.

You can also enjoy financial freedom by joining a small business franchise model. Franchise businesses always have lower risk elements. Also, you will get to enjoy multiple benefits offered by these franchise businesses. There will be minimal struggles as you will get to reap the benefits of a brand that has already worked on marketing, promotion, branding, client acquisition, and so on. If this sounds like a plan, then scroll down and check out these top 7 small business franchise options in the US.

Top 7 small franchise business options in the US

  1. Window Medics

One of the leading glass cleanings, repairing, and installation companies in the US, Window Medics offers excellent franchising opportunities at unbelievably low prices. Its exponential services are available at affordable prices, and that’s why it enjoys an extensive client base across the US. Window Medics franchisees cannot stop gushing about the amazing facilities that they get to enjoy throughout the year. To know details about Window Medics franchise business, call 888-329-7116 or email at info@windowmedics.com

Franchise fee: $35,000


Another great option for mompreneurs, FIT4MOM, offers great opportunities to all the mothers who are eager for a comeback. You need a minimum investment to make it work. The major aim of this brand is to offer maternity wellness and pre and post-natal healthcare to mothers. Buying the franchise of FIT4MOM will enable you to work as well as share your experiences and ideas with other expectant mothers. You will be able to empower hundreds of mothers, all the while minting money for your quality services.

Franchise fee: $26,385

  • Rhea Lana’s

Another brilliant franchise for mothers, Rhea Lana’s, is a pocket-friendly small business franchise. Enjoy amazing benefits as a mom-preneur and fix your working hours as per your choice and comfort. You will be amazed to know that they charge really low.

Franchise fee: $14,900

  • United Country Real Estate

If you are into the real estate and properties industry, then you can try this option as well. They offer luxury properties all over the US. If you can cater to the requirements of homeowners who look for lifestyle properties at the best rates, then this has to be your call. They deal in different types of properties such as ranches, hunting properties, vacation homes, waterfront properties, etc.

  • Dream Vacations

If you are fond of travel and tourism, then make sure you consider this franchise business as well. Dream Vacations is a small business franchise that offers some amazing facilities to franchisees. The best part is that you will be able to work from your home as well. Also, the franchise fee is quite affordable.

Franchise fee: $10,500

  • Stratus Building Solutions

Are you in the cleaning industry? Then this eco-friendly commercial cleaning service provider will definitely bring you success. Stratus Building Solutions offers environment-friendly janitorial services to clients. They offer the best facilities in terms of sales models, efficient management training, marketing support and so on. You just need to pay the franchise fee, and they will take care of all the business-related aspects.

Franchise fee: $79,750

  • TSS Photography

If photography is your thing, then TSS Photography has to be on your bucket list. With this franchise, you can either expand your photography business or can completely go for an all-new photography venture. To make the most out of the TSS Photography franchise, you need to be passionate about memory creation, capturing moments, and so on. Also, you get the chance to work as per your own timings, make your own decisions and create a work environment that you actually love.

Franchise fee: $74,725

Wrapping up

It is necessary that you make your investment decisions carefully. After going through this list, you need to think about your area of interest and arrange the necessary investment for paying the franchise fee. Choose a small business franchiseand start climbing the ladder of your success mindfully.

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