9 Low-Cost Franchises That Can Make You Rich In The United States

The idea of owning a franchise has always been on the expensive side to most people. But what they are unaware of is that they can own or buy reputable franchises at a low cost. Once this assumed bubble is burst, you will realize that there are some profitable and golden franchise opportunities that you can own at an affordable cost.

Such franchise opportunities are not just restricted to a particular sector but are spread into diversity. Whether it is a transport or travel agency, food and drinks chain, or real estate services, all that is required is effort and honesty to turn your business glowing.

So, if you are on the lookout for the cheapest franchise to own, then you have come to the correct destination. Owning a franchise not just provides flexibility to your work schedule but also inculcates leadership qualities in you. After researching diverse sectors, the following 9 are the best low-cost franchises to make you rich in the United States.

Window Medics: The repair, installation, and replacement of glass is an evergreen industry that has constantly been growing in the United States. Because of the country’s natural weather conditions, the need for the services of Window Medics always arises. For entrepreneurs looking for the cheapest franchise to own with strong profit margins, Window Medics is rapidly growing its operations. Partnering with us means having access to an endless supply of clients, first-rate training materials, and all of the help you need to succeed.

Founded in 2004, Window Medics has been working endlessly to provide the best services and guidance. You may find it easier to start a window franchise business than you thought. When you work with the Window Medics team, we take care of everything from marketing your business to obtaining the required licensing.

Marketing is among the most challenging aspects of owning a business. With their dealership program, you’ll get a lot of assistance getting your business off the ground, including everything from marketing materials to training.

Average franchise fee- $35,000

Home Instead- When it comes to non-medical eldercare and companionship, Home Instead Senior Care is the world’s leading provider. While they already have more than 1,000 franchises worldwide, the increasing demand for senior care implies that there is still plenty more territory to be explored.

If you’re looking for a low-cost franchising option, Home Instead Senior Care is an excellent choice. Initial liquid capital of $55,000 (U.S. & Canada), $20,000 for commercial office space and insurance charges, and around $40,000 to $45,000 in cash flow to cover first-year fixed expenses are included in the total expected start-up costs.

Average franchise fee- $55,000

Great Clips: Owning and operating a Great Clips franchise means having the support of a nationally recognized brand at your disposal. As if you were working for yourself but weren’t.

First and importantly, they want you to be fully prepared for a fantastic experience! Discover more than 1,200 fellow Great Clips franchisees who have helped the company become United States’ largest and fastest-growing haircare brand with our superior management system. The tasks and responsibilities of Great Clips franchisees vary widely, but they are all the same: to be enthusiastic, energetic leaders who can prosper in our system.

Average franchise fee- $20,000

Maui Wowi Hawaiian: This is a fun, flexible, and simple business concept that allows local franchise owners to develop their own businesses marketing all-natural, healthful, high-quality items under the Maui Wowi Hawaiian trademark umbrella. As of today, the franchise system for Maui Wowi Hawaiian includes 150 domestic locations in the United States.

Average franchise fee- $50,000

Dryer Vent Wizard- Having a home-based business like Dryer Vent Wizard means that the owner does not have to spend lengthy periods away from their family, making the shift to business ownership much more pleasurable.

Their franchisees typically work 9-5 shifts in the field, which means they’re home for supper with their families every night. In many cases, Dryer Vent Wizard franchisees have expanded their business to include a fleet of vans and technicians.

If you don’t want to expand your Dryer Vent Wizard to include vans and workers, you can retain it as an owner-operated franchise. They include both types of franchisees as a system, and are always ready to help you out in either situation!

Initial investment fee- $20,000

Show Homes Home Staging: The home staging franchise Show Homes is the United States’ largest and most successful. The main job is to transform stale, lifeless, and undesirable empty residences into fully-furnished, welcoming Show Homes. After three years in service to families and realtors, they have become the most trusted name in house staging across the United States.

Initial Investment fee- $50,000

Dream Vacations: The Dream Vacations franchise offer does not necessitate the purchase of goods and has modest operating expenses. A travel agent’s dream career is within reach because there is very little risk involved. To assist franchise owners in succeeding, the Dream Vacations team provides high-quality education, training, and continuing support. Become a professional travel agent from the comfort of your own home with Dream Vacations Franchise. Once you’ve applied and been accredited as a travel agent, a six-day intensive training course is provided to you. This will help you launch your business successfully.

Initial franchise fee- from $3,245

Jazzercise: Get certified as a trainer and help others have healthier and more fulfilling lives. Let your voice be heard, and your message be spread. Pass on your enthusiasm for exercise and the self-assurance and accomplishments you achieve in class to others. Every Jazzercise franchisee is a qualified instructor. It’s entirely up to you how much money you spend on your Jazzercise franchise. To become your employer, join the Owner Instructor program. Become an Associate Instructor if you don’t want to be the boss and reap the benefits of teaching for someone else.

Initial franchise fee- $3,700

Proforma: There is no better chance for a printing and promotional product business than Proforma. There’s no need for inventory, equipment, or even a physical retail location. This position is ideal for selling to the middle, upper market, and Fortune 500 corporations. At home or in an apartment, the franchisees can run their business. Training, proven marketing, and sales strategies, and company development tools are supplied to Proforma franchisees.

Initial franchise fee- from $5,030


Given the present situation, Window Medics is the cheapest franchise to own. The franchisees associated with this reputed company have been earning millions and trust from customers all over. You can contact Window Medics directly to know more details about their dealership factors. To know details about Window Medics franchise business call 888-329-7116 or email id info@windowmedics.comRelated Post: https://blog.windowmedics.com/franchise/what-is-the-best-way-to-start-a-business-franchise/

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