Basics Of Buying A Franchise Business In The United States

Owning a franchise in the United States is a great way of starting a business. It is a lot less risky as compared to starting a new business from scratch, and comes with a number of benefits too. Not only do you get to work on a ready-to-use formula, but the branding is in place as well. There is a certain degree of brand awareness and a loyal customers base that can be tapped by applying the basic fundamentals of doing a business. In addition to that, you also get experienced support from the franchisor that can come in handy in kickstarting your business and help you guide through tricky situations. But there are a few things you must know before buying a franchise. 

Here are the basics of owning a franchise

To do business under the franchisor’s name and system, a franchisee must first obtain permission to do so from the franchisor, who is the owner of the business/trademark. A franchisee must also pay a royalty and initial fees to the franchisor in exchange for the permission to do business under the franchisor’s name and system. The differences between having a franchise and owning a chain are significant. Despite the fact that they seem similar, there are some significant characteristics that distinguish a franchise from a chain as distinct business idea.

If you are clear about owning a franchise, here’s what you must do:

Make a clear decision: Whether you start a new business, own a franchise, or become part of a chain, it requires a lot of physical, emotional, and financial investment. So, you must make sure that you want to dive into it. Even though owning a franchise is considered a lot safer than starting a new business, it comes with a lot of responsibilities, challenges, and a certain amount of risk. You must be 100 percent sure that you want to do this before you start investing. 

Do thorough research: A popular brand doesn’t always guarantee a successful franchise business. So, you must do your research before finalizing a brand. Things you must look out for include:

  • Sales track record of the brand 
  • It should be a part of a growing market 
  • Look for local competition. Little competition is good, too much is too bad
  • The franchise brand should have repeat customers
  • Ensure how much initial fees you are required to pay and what are the terms of royalty

Get to know the franchisor well: Before things start taking place, a meeting between the franchisor and the franchisee is held – known as the Discovery Day meeting. This is done to know each other well and ask all the relevant questions. Be attentive to what the franchisor has to say, see how you feel about the organization, and observe critically if you would like to do business with the franchisor. These are critical points to remember before jumping into the business. 

Get your finances sorted: If you are able to self-finance your business, it is great. But if not, then you can apply for financing. It is believed that getting financing might be a better idea than investing everything you have. So, wait for the financing to approve and then move forward. You can either choose the traditional SBA backed loans, use liquid capital, leverage an existing asset for self-financing.  

Read the documents carefully: Sounds familiar? Yes, reading all the business deal related documents is paramount. You must understand the terms and conditions clearly before signing on the dotted line. If you find them too technical or feel you are not being able to understand them, take the help of an attorney. 

Finalize the location & train your staff: A business is as good as its location. So, make sure you find the right location for your franchise. Once that is done, you can start with training your staff. Several franchisors provide training facilities to help franchisees get on with their business. Check with your franchisor for help. 

Chose the best franchise in the US to kickstart your business

There might be several options to choose from when it comes to owning a franchise in the US, but owning a Window Medics franchise can be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, Window Medics offer one of the most affordable start-up costs and they don’t charge royalty either. So, you don’t need to invest heavily in the beginning. The nature of their business is such that you don’t need to have a dedicated office space or any prior specialized experience to start their franchise. To further ease things out for you, they provide excellent support services and guidance in their dedicated training centres apart from providing specialized equipment, advertising and marketing material, and a lot more. Their business is need-based, so, it enjoys a high repeat customer value, one of the essentials of any successful business. 

So, if you wish to start your own franchise, choose Window Medics to fulfil your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. To know details about Window Medics franchise business call 888-329-7116 or email at

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