Guide to Low-cost Franchise Opportunities in Canada

The franchise business is on the rise in Canada. The Canadian economy is highly supportive of franchise business models. Established businesses and companies are coming up with franchising options for interested entrepreneurs. If running your own business has been a long-lost dream, then this is the time when you can try to turn your dream into reality. This blog enlists some of the top low-cost profitable franchise business opportunities available in Canada. The list has been prepared to consider the financial constraints often faced by budding entrepreneurs. Dive deeper to get into the details!

Top 7 low-cost franchise options in Canada!

  1. Window Medics

Window Medics is undoubtedly the best profitable franchise business option in Canada. It is a door and window glass repair, cleaning and installation company with a humongous client base. And the reason behind its immense popularity is its exceptional services, that too, at minimal pricing. Yes, Window Medics offers various services related to glass windows and doors at reasonable costs. And also, this glass repair is highly accessible to its customers.
The reason behind its easy accessibility is its franchise business model.

Window Medics offers franchise business opportunities to budding entrepreneurs. It offers multiple attractive perks to franchisees, such as intense training sessions, marketing and promotional support, brand recognition, an existing client base, etc. The biggest advantage is that Window Medics offers its franchise to deserving entrepreneurs at a minimal franchise fee. You can easily save up that much and buy the Window Medics franchise to fulfill your entrepreneurial dream.

Franchise fee: $35,000

  1. Coffee News

If you are into copywriting or advertising, this might ignite a sense of interest. Basically, Coffee News is a publishing company in Canada that offers engaging copies. The readers enjoy these copies while they are in restaurants or cafes. If you have prior experience in this industry, then you must definitely try investing in this profitable franchise business option.

Franchise fee: $11,000

  1. Fix Auto

Fix Auto has been operating since 1992. In these three decades, it has offered excellent automotive after-sales services to its customers. At present, Fox Auto operates across 270 locations in Canada. They aim at reviving the pre-collision luster of the vehicles. If you have knowledge of automotive mechanisms, Fix Auto can be your best friend. It is a globally operating car repair company. And joining this growing brand can indeed contribute towards your entrepreneurial dreams.

Franchise fee: $25,000

  1. H & R Block Canada INC

This one is a financial assistance and tax consulting company. It has been serving its clients for the last 50 years. It aims at helping its clients to make smart financial decisions and stay financially secure. H & R Block Canada INC offers different types of services such as bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation and so on. So, if you have any prior experience in the financial sector, then this can be your ultimate call. At present, they have over 389 franchising units spread across Canada.

Franchise fee: $20,000

  1. Young Drivers of Canada

Are you an efficient and responsible driver? If yes, then this can be your call! Young Drivers of Canada is a driver training franchise with over 90 franchising units at present. If you have it in you to train people with excellent driving skills, then Young Drivers of Canada can be the best franchise option for you. In the last 3 decades, the driver training company has yielded over 1,300,000 professionally trained drivers. They have different types of training programs depending on the skillsets of the drivers.

Franchise fee: $20,0000

  1. Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts

Kids simply love Yogi, the bear. And if you love kids, this can be the most profitable franchise business option for you. Basically, you will get access to a complete campsite and cabin properties. It is more like a part of the hospitality sector. You will also be selling Yogi bear merchandise. Families with kids frequently visit such places. If you love hosting kids and the hospitality sector, this one can also be an amazing franchise option for you.

Franchise fee: $10,000

  1. Lemon Heaven Beverages INC

Can you handle a group of kids and cater to their demands? Do you love colorful candy floss and lemonades? Then Lemon Heaven Beverages INC should be your ultimate franchise business option. Once you become their franchisee, you get to set up portable kiosks in crowded areas and public places such as zoos, stadiums, concerts, malls, malls and so on. So, if you are good with kids, people and crowds, then you should definitely consider this franchise option.

Why should you opt for franchise business options over startups in Canada?

Now that you know about the most profitable franchise business options in Canada, you must wonder what the significance of buying a franchise is. Well, in a franchise business, you do not have to brainstorm marketing strategies or build a client base. You will get ample training as well as promotional support from the franchises. Also, there is minimal risk of business failure. Unlike startups, franchise business models do not require hefty funds. Also, there won’t be issues like lack of communication, misunderstandings between partners, etc. You will be the sole owner/franchisee in a popular business. So, it is better to join the bandwagon of franchises in this booming economy.

Wrapping up

If you do not have ample funds but do not wish to give up on your entrepreneurial dreams, then it is best to go for these franchising opportunities. Choose anyone and give your best efforts to build your own business. However, if you want to choose the best, then it is undoubtedly Window Medics.

It offers the best facilities to its franchisees. Exceptional support, regular training sessions, affordable franchise fee, and impactful brand image- you are in for a roller-coaster ride with Window Medics. Investing in this booming franchise business can effortlessly escalate your business to the next level.

To know more about the Window Medics franchise, call 888-329-7116 or email

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