How Much Would It Take To Open A Franchise In The USA?

A saying rightly states that a person needs to spend money to earn some more out of it. It is the same in the case of a franchise for sale. You will have to purchase a franchise to become an independent entrepreneur and earn decent revenue out of business.

The first step of the way is to first finalize whether you surely want to invest in a franchise business. Secondly, you have to choose the industry in which you want to work as a franchisee. Finally, it is time to analyze the budget to see whether or not you can invest in the business you have chosen.

The wisest option here is to consult a professional who will advise and guide you to make the best decision. The two primary things that will affect the cost of a franchise for sale are the brand you want to associate with and, of course, the industry that you are willing to explore.

Now, the cost of a franchise may start from anything below $10,000 and move upwards to approximately $5 million in the United States. Out of these, most franchises cost about $50,000 to $75,000. However, if you are looking for cheaper options, there are plenty. For example, a Window Medics glass repair and installation franchise demand a start-up cost of approximately $35,000, much less than many other reputed companies.

Learn about the financial factors before buying a franchise for sale

It is always crucial that you learn about the fee and start-up investment of a franchise for sale beforehand. Irrespective of whether you want to start something like a retail store with staff and inventory or a home-based business, it will become easier for you to prepare for it easily.

Mobile businesses are a common concept nowadays too. Especially with the outbreak of the pandemic and the work-from-home situation, working flexibly using your laptop and mobile from the comfort of your home is a pretty attractive option. Moreover, knowing about the cost required to open a particular franchise will help you make a more rational decision and choose an industry that seems to be the most suitable for you.

If you are looking forward to a mobile or home-based franchise, then it may cost you around $10,000 or lesser than that. On the other hand, if you aspire for a more upscale concept such as a high-end hotel, it can undoubtedly go up to a few million. For example, if you consider a fully-functioning restaurant, the cost of opening a franchise may be anything between $750,000 and $3 million, or more sometimes.

Again, if you want a fast-food franchise, the start-up cost will vary between $250,000 and $1million. The wisest option for most entrepreneurs is to look for something more neutral and explore the various options in the service industry. However, some Auto maintenance and repair facilities will cost you something around $200,000 to $300,000.

These are mostly the average figures, and the exact amount will vary based on the brand you are willing to invest in. The franchise opening expense starts from the very day you begin preparing for the business. For example, after you are satisfied with all the terms and conditions, it is finally time to sign the deal.

Here, you will have to pay professional fees to the attorney who will guide you through the clauses of the franchising disclosure document and the accountant who will explain all calculations and graphs to you. Apart from this, there will be expenses constantly occurring against the rent of business space, signage, landscaping, licensing, employee training, insurance, equipment, inventory, and more.

However, some companies include the initial inventory and equipment in the start-up investment itself. While a franchise for sale such as Window Medics does not ask for a separate office space for dealers, there are a few businesses that need you to invest in real estate as well.

Unlike Window Medics, some companies will leave the entire responsibility of promotions and initial advertising on the franchisee, resulting in considerable expenses again.  Additionally, if you take a loan, there will be an inclusion of interest and more.

What is a franchise fee?

If you are unaware of the concept of a franchise fee, it is a one-time entry amount that you pay to the franchisor brand or operating system.  Paying this fee will also make you entitled to receive constant support from experts in the franchisor company.

You will receive proper industry and marketing training as well once you have paid the franchise fee. This amount ranges between $20,000 and $30,000 in almost all types of businesses and approximately $100,000 for high-end franchises.

 After you have started the franchise, recurring royalties can range from 4% to 8% of the gross revenue. The entry cost of a franchise business usually varies based on the size, reputation, geographical location, level of support and services, and more. Some brands offer operating models and incentives for franchisees who have recently joined to help them run their business more smoothly.

These incentives may be in the form of discounted royalties for a year or an installment pattern in franchise fees and more payment. All of these expenses put together will be part of the answer to the ultimate question of how much it would take to open a franchise in the USA.


If you aim to invest in a Window Medics franchise for sale, the start-up cost will be $35,000. The company will guide you with thorough industry training and every other type of support required to run a successful window business. As a Window Medics dealer, you will be trained by industry experts who will provide you with practical equipment training. The start-up cost is just $35,000. The company will provide you with in-depth industry training and any other support needed to run a successful window business. As a Window Medics dealer, you will be trained by industry experts who will provide you with hands-on equipment training. For more details about dealership program call at 1-888-329-7116 or email at –

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