Is It Better To Buy A Business Or Investment Property?

When you reach a certain point in your life, you wonder whether you should buy a franchise for sale or an investment in a property. Although investing in either of these brings risks and you should consider your options carefully. Whether buying a business or investing in a property, both are great milestones in life, but neither should set you back once you have invested in your finances.

In a way, when you look at it, buying a property is not an investment, as it would not provide you with a source of income. There is a high chance that you will end up paying for it every month. In the United States, a median house will cost you at least $200,000; on the other hand, you would be able to buy a Window Medics franchise for sale for as low as $35,000.

A Window Medics franchise will bring you income every month. If you have a limited amount of cash, buying a business right now is probably a better idea than investing in a property. Buying a house can be an excellent passive investment once you have more than enough money to spend and you are at retirement age.

How does buying a Window Medics franchise help you start your entrepreneurship?

One of the many reasons many people buy Window Medics franchise for sale is that it is affordable compared to many other franchises, and they have a proven business model. With their business operations spread over 200 locations in the United States and Canada, Window Medics always searches for talented, young individuals to join their franchise journey and become franchisees with an esteemed company.

Window Medics is a window glass reaper and restoration company founded in 2004 in the United States. Within the first year of foundation alone, Window Medics have repaired and restored more than 100,000 windows and door glass all across the country. Window Medics became widely popular after introducing their window defogging services, which allowed people to save upto 70% on their multi-pane window glass. Their defogging process is patented wherein instead of replacing the fogged glass, they defog it and restore it to its original condition.

Every Window Medics franchisee is trained to defog multi-pane glass and restore and replace a standard single-pane window and door glass. Since their defogging window process is patented, their franchisees face virtually no competition in their local area when they buy a franchise for sale.

When you buy a Window Medics franchise, you get the opportunity to earn profit from the first day itself. Since Window Medics has become synonymous with quality window restoration services, you would already have an established customer base, and you would not need to build it up from the ground.

Why buying a business is a better idea?

Buying a franchise for sale instead of investing in property has several benefits; here are a few reasons why you should invest in buying a business:

  1. Personal fulfillment: Every single person has different desires and goals in their lives. Buying a business allows you the space to explore your varied skills and strengths, learn from them before you decide to build your brand.
  1. Varied options: When you choose to buy a business, you get the chance to choose from a multitude of industries, which is not the case with buying a property. Buying a business gives you the flexibility to run it along with your small business venture, if you have any, without compromising with it.
  1. Regular cash flow: When you buy a promising franchise like Window Medics, you can be sure of receiving regular cash flow; even during the off-season, the income could be lesser than other times, but it will be there. It is not the same with buying a property, as investing in it will not cash.
  1. Financial freedom: Working smart and buying a business allows you to enjoy financial freedom in the long run. Buying a franchise brings in consistent money, has a solid customer base, and eventually leads you to enjoy financial freedom.

What are few benefits of buying a Window Medics Franchise?

Buying a franchise for sale with Window Medics gives you certain benefits when compared to other businesses:

  1. Affordable: Window Medics franchises are affordable for everyone looking to buy a business in the United States and Canada. Within their $35,000 franchise fee, the franchisees receive a franchise license, 2-day training session, inventory to get started with, and marketing and promotion material.
  1. Established Customer base: Window Medics already has an established customer base in the United States and Canada, making it time and cost-efficient to start your franchise. You will not have to look to build the customer base from scratch, and you can start earning from day one.
  1. Work from the home premise: No separate office premise to run your Window Medics franchise? No worries, as they do not require you to have a separate office. As long as you are comfortable, you can run the business from your home.
  1. Marketing support: Window Medics provide marketing support to all their new franchisees and technical support whenever they require it. Instead of treating the franchisees as their employee, Window Medics consider them as business partners.


Buying a property does not have any ROI; it will only drain you off all the money you worked hard for. This is why many young people today focus on building their business instead of buying a property with their savings because they know they can buy a property later when spending money is not an issue anymore. For more details about Window Medics dealership program call at 1-888-329-7116 or email at –

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