Is Window Medics An Affordable Franchise Business?

Franchise – a term often, in the business world, comes with the hope of success, sometimes instantly. But the truth is not entirely the same. However, you can experience failures, loss, and directionless depending on your franchisoreven with a franchise business.

But, there is always a way to play it safe. Even if you can invest a big sum of money in a franchise business, investing in an affordable but profitable franchise could turn out to be a winner for you.

Is Window Medics an Affordable and Profitable Business?

Window Medics might not be the cheapest option, but it definitely can be considered an affordable franchise business with its benefits and opportunities. Window Medics, as a business, is one of the fastest-growing in the industry. It started in 2004, with at least two years of experience. Then it started offering dealership opportunities in 2006, which contributed to the company’s rapid growth.

With an initial investment fee of $35,000, Window Medics’ small business stands as one of the most affordable businesses for sale among many other small businesses.

Why Is Window Medics Considered Profitable?

Apart from the existing franchisee units talking highly about Window Medics dealership and sharing their profitable journey, there are many factors for a new business professional to consider Window Medics’ small business for sale if they want a profitable business. Take a look.

  • Endless potential customers

The requirement for window and glass services is inevitable. Regardless of country, region, and the type of area, a window and glass business can thrive. Window glass failures happen all the time, and people choose to ignore them either because they are lazy or want to save money.

But with good marketing and some awareness, you are bound to have endless business in your area without worrying about keeping your business in motion.

  • Experience virtually zero competition

The window and glass business is profitable in general, and yes, you will face some competition – from local window glass shops or it can be brands like Window Medics. But with Window Medics, you have a competitive advantage.

One of the best parts of Window Medics’ services is the new and patented defogging process. Unfortunately, very few windows and glass brands have managed to work on this process and offer it as a service to their customers.

Window Medics have not only managed to work on it but also developed it fully to offer it as a service that cleans the foggy windows and makes them as clean as the originally bought window glass.

While the process will not restore the insulating properties of window glass, it is highly suitable for window glass that experiences damage and foggy within 4-5 years after installation. Apart from that, it also proves to be 70% cheaper than window glass replacement.

With such a unique service that extends the lifespan of window glass and is significantly cheaper, Window Medics as a whole will eventually turn out to be preferable to other competitors.

  • No Ongoing Royalty Fee

This is probably a game-changer while you are hesitating with Window Medics. You only pay the initial investment, and the business is yours. Whatever you are earning, you don’t have to pay a part of your earnings or pay Window Medics yearly for using our processes and proprietary trademarks. With Window Medics, you truly own the business and grow it with the help of your franchisor.

  • Operate Your Business From Home

Profitability is not always about earning in business. Even if you are making millions, it might not be a profitable business if you have to spend a bigger part of those earnings to keep the operations of your business alive.

With Window Medics, you can operate your business without having a physical premise for the operation. And this is why you don’t have to spend a part of your earnings on renting or owning a small place dedicated to a storefront.

You don’t have to store large amounts of raw materials for offering services. As you start your business operations, you can initially start with a few units of equipment and raw materials required, which you can store in your home or living space. Then, as your business needs more, you can order the required units from your franchisor. But in any case, you can rule out a dedicated physical space unless your business is unexpectedly booming.

What Skills Or Talents Does One Require To Be A Part Of the Window Medics Business?

None at the moment. Window Medics is considered a golden opportunity because they require no experience from the candidate – whether in the window and glass industry or any given industry.

Once you buy its business, you will receive the required training, along with marketing support and materials. You will also receive ongoing support as you operate your business in your desired location. To know more about Window Medics call 888-329-7116 or email at

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