The 5 Best Franchise Opportunities To Buy & Own

Starting a business by owning a franchise comes with plenty of benefits. This way, the chances of failure reduce significantly as you are joining a renowned brand that has already appealed to a large number of customers. However, many franchises are just out of the question as they are too costly for aspiring entrepreneurs and startup owners with a limited budget. So, we have lined up the best 5 franchise opportunities to buy that you can afford easily.

  1. Window Medics

When you are looking forward to owning a profitable and budget-friendly franchise, look no further than Window Medics. It is counted among the largest thermal pane window restoration companies with more than 100 service locations and more than 200 technicians in the U.S. alone. It offers its franchise along with comprehensive guidance, training, and support.

Window Medics believes in offering “ALL THE BENEFITS OF A FRANCHISE, NONE OF THE FEES”. It offers an excellent and recession-proof franchise opportunity to buy with high revenue potential and a small upfront investment. With its franchise, you will be offering services of window repair, window restoration, window glass replacement, and window defogging.

Here is what makes the Window Medics franchise the best business opportunity for you:

  • It is suitable for you regardless of your prior experience and knowledge.
  • It offers low initial costs and no ongoing royalties.
  • It has state-of-the-art training facilities so that you can cultivate the right skills and knowledge for restoring and repairing thermal pane windows.
  • It provides help throughout the business planning, financial modeling, safety, operations, sales, and marketing aspects.
  • You will enjoy a steady stream of cash flow throughout the year.
  • You will make a difference in the homes and lives of people by helping them save a huge amount of money.
  • You do not need to own a retail space or physical location as you can run this business right from your home.
  • You will also get 10 percent for each new dealer you find for the Window Medics franchise.
  • The cost of the Window Medics franchise is only $35,000 with rebates available in certain areas and the company may even loan your part of the fee as an incentive to invest.

And the list of reasons why you should choose the franchise of Window Medics goes on.

  • PayMore

Another non-food business opportunity that you might like is the electronic franchise of PayMore. It requires low startup costs and offers decent revenue. It involves second-hand consumer electronics and offers customers a fast, safe, and easy way to sell new, used, and broken smartphones and electronics for cash. This means you will be doing the same while getting all the support from PayMore. The company offers a franchise model that combines different industries, including consumer electronics, mobile technology, eCommerce, second-hand merchandise sales and trade, and eWaste recycling. Its franchise fee is $30,000.

  • The Halal Guys

The popularity of halal food is gradually growing. If you are looking for a more cost-effective food franchise to own, you might find the franchise of the Halal Guys within budget. Though it is costlier than the above two franchise businesses, you will find it cheaper than the popular franchise models offered by Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Starbucks, etc. It is a nice option for anyone who wants to own a food-based franchise in their area and who can manage to pay the franchise fee of $60,000 and invest significant amounts upfront.

  • Curry Up Now

If your region is inhabited by more Indian and Asian people or Americans who are admirers of Indian cuisines, the food-based franchise you might want to own is Curry Up Now. With low start-up costs and a high success rate, you will be catering to meet the demands of ever-expanding Indian and Asian demographics. You will be able to offer authentic street food, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian dishes. You will need reasonable initial capital and liquid capital to become a franchise owner of Curry Up Now. The fee for franchise ownership of Curry Up Now is $35,000.

  • Great Clips

Do you want to open a hair salon? Why not own a franchise of Great Clips? It is a hair salon franchise that has been in business for 30 years and provides its franchise owners with the latest technology and updated training. To provide its customers with the best service and experience, it has invested heavily in market research. Though the franchise fee is just $20,000, it will require an initial investment ranging between $136,900 and $259,400.  To determine which franchise opportunities to buy and own, you should first consider what entices you the most, your budget, the earning potential throughout the year, whether you can afford to buy or rent a new commercial property to run your franchise, and how much financial, training, and marketing support you will get from the franchise provider. Once you have the answer to these questions, you can easily narrow down the best franchise opportunity for you.

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