The 7 Best Business Opportunities for Sale in Canada

The demand for franchise business models is increasing rapidly across Canada. Franchising opportunities that too home-based are the most sought-after work opportunities. The Canadian economy is highly supportive of the franchise business model. There are so many franchise brands that enable entrepreneurs to work from within the comfort of their homes. Home-based work setup is suitable for those who have old or young family members to look after.

If you are someone who stays undeterred by distractions, then home-based franchise options can be ideal for you. Janitorial services, senior care, maintenance, landscaping, glass window maintenance etc., are some of the best home business opportunities popular in Canada.

If you are looking for a suitable franchise home-based business option, scroll down and read on!

  1. Window Medics

Are you in search of the best franchise model in Canada that lets you work from home? If yes, then you must definitely check this out! Window Medics is one of Canada’s best window and door glass repair companies. It is a one-stop solution for window glass repair, cleaning, de-fogging, and installation. Window Medics is immensely popular among customers because of its top-of-the-line services. Another factor that makes this glass repair giant the first choice is its affordable pricing. Yes, Window Medics offers all its glass repair and maintenance-related services at an unbelievably low price.

Window Medics offers franchise opportunities to interested and deserving entrepreneurs. The glass repair brand not only keeps its customers happy but also takes care of its franchisees. It has managed to strike the right balance between its customers and franchisees.

There are multiple features that Window Medics offers to franchisees. It is because of these facilities that more and more franchisees get attracted to Window Medics franchise. Some of the most notable features offered by Window Medics to its franchisees are enhanced brand identity, affordable franchise fees, vast client base, marketing, rigorous training sessions and branding support and so on. Entrepreneurs find Window Medics a reliable and fruitful franchise option because of the top-notch benefits it offers to them.

Another good thing about Window Medics is that they let you run daily operations from the comfort of your own home. So, whether you are a working mother, have someone to look after at home, or cannot commute to the workplace every day for any reason, Window Medics can be your ideal option.

Franchise fee: $35,000

  1. JDL Cleaning Systems INC.

Do you have experience in the cleaning industry? If yes, then you would love this home-based franchise business option. They are offering sales as well as management franchise options for budding entrepreneurs. JDL Cleaning Systems INC. is known for its above-average returns to the franchisees. All you will have to do is to manage the team or handle the sales department. And the cleaning staff will take care of the rest. You will get ample training from Team JDL Cleaning Systems.

Franchise fee: $3,000   

  1. Enviro Masters Lawn Care

If you are into lawn care and love proximity to nature, then this can be your ideal franchise business option. Environ Masters Lawn Care is an organic and environment-friendly lawn care franchise business model in Canada. It offers pocket-friendly lawn care services at a low cost. You will get ample training for running daily business operations. The franchise option is available for home-based entrepreneurs as well.

Franchise fee: $30,000

  1. Coffee News

This Canada-based franchise business option was started way back in 1988. At present, it has over 700 franchise units across Canada. Coffee News offers engaging advertising copies that people get to read at restaurants and cafes. So, if you have experience in similar jobs, you can definitely approach Coffee News for its amazing franchise options. Also, the good news is that it is a completely home-based franchise opportunity in Canada.

Franchise fee: $11,000

  1. Lemon Heaven Beverages INC

Kids love cotton candies and squeezed lemonades, especially at certain events, fairs, or exhibitions. You can invest in this franchise of kiosks and carts that serve cotton candies and lemonades to people in zoos, festivals, concerts, stadiums and so on. If you wish to operate the sales and accounts department from your home, you can do so.

Franchise fee: $34,000

  1. H & R Block Canada INC

This company has been catering to the financial requirements of its clients for the past 50 years. It offers financial consulting as well as tax filing services to its customers. From corporate and UX tax preparations to bookkeeping support, they offer everything under one roof at H & R Block Canada INC. So, if you have prior experience in the finance sector, this can be your ideal franchise option.

Franchise fee: $20,000

  1. Garage Door Depot

If you are interested in car mechanisms, you might also try this franchise business option. It is a completely licensed and certified garage door service provider. You will get complete training as well as all the marketing support from the company.

Franchise fee: $3,000

In a nutshell

There are multiple franchise options in Canada that offer home-based work opportunities. Above-listed are some of the best home business opportunities that you can try in Canada. If you are still unsure about your choice, it is best to go for Window Medics.

It is an extremely famous franchise business and is growing quite rapidly. It enjoys insane popularity among its target audience and also offers multiple perks to the franchisees. Also, the feasibility of the franchise fee makes it the top-most option for franchisees. And as mentioned earlier, Window Medics allows its franchisees to operate from home as well.

It is, therefore, better to choose the famous glass repair giant in Canada.

If you wish to know more about the Window Medics franchise, you can either call them on the given customer care number (888-329-7116) or drop a mail at the given email ID ( It has a highly responsive customer care team that caters to your doubts and reverts to you in no time.

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