The Best Franchise Opportunities to Buy & Own in the US

There are plenty of franchise opportunities in the US. Some opportunities let you not just buy a part of their business but also allow you to become a business owner. And this is why various entrepreneurs today find it ideal to own a franchise opportunity rather than starting a business from the ground up.

We have here a list of some of the best franchise opportunities that you can buy and own in the US.

  1. Window Medics

Are you searching for a franchise opportunity that is easy to start and offers support throughout your business journey? Then Window Medics is something you should consider. This business belongs to the window & glass industry and offers window glass repair and replacement services.

Window Medics franchise opportunity is suitable for most entrepreneurs because it requires a low initial cost or even a low franchise fee and doesn’t require any experience. It is also a home-based business, so you will not have to spend extra cash on renting or buying a different location for your business.

However, the best part of the Window Medics franchise opportunity is that it lets you access equipment or rights to provide the unique and patented service called defogging, an innovative and in-demand service.

The defogging process is a process that is not very common in the industry as of yet, and even though many companies are offering it, the results are not highly effective.  However, when it comes to Window Medics, the process is developed enough to extend your window glass’ lifespan to upto 20 years.

  1. Ace Hardware

With an initial franchise fee of $5000, Ace Hardware is another franchise opportunity that doesn’t demand a fortune to offer you a dream of being a business owner. If you are a potential franchisee, you will have three types of opportunities with Ace Hardware. You can invest in a new Ace Hardware store or use the existing store to convert it into an Ace Hardware store or an Ace Hardware Grocery.

The company offers thorough marketing and training support and brand awareness through its national marketing and supplier network. The best thing about this franchise opportunity is that you don’t have to pay royalty fees, meaning you have all your income under your control.

  1. Dream Vacations

If you are looking for something that has to do with travel, then buying a travel business will be worth it for you. But the interesting part is that you don’t have to travel to own and operate this business. You can be at home and operate it from home. For example, dream Vacations is super popular because of the profit it offers in most locations despite being one of the top cheapest franchises in the US.

The minimum initial fee for this business is $495, which is surprisingly cheap for a company that is as popular as Dream Vacations. What’s more? This franchise opportunity offers incentives to franchisee units owned by veterans, military spouses, etc. However, you might be paying a lot more than $495 based on your experience.

  1. Kumon Institute Education Co. Ltd.

Kumon Institute Education Co. Ltd. was first started by Toru Kumon and established a method called Kumon Method for mathematics and reading in general. These methods work best for young school-going students. Kumon teaching is very different from tutoring; instead, it takes on all that is studied and covered by school courses.

It has become so well-known in the US now that it has become a popular franchise opportunity among entrepreneurs. Although you are not working remotely or from home, you can set up your business somewhere close to your home and help students achieve their goals.

  1. Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds started its operation in 1992 and offered franchise opportunities two years later. They now have over 1300 franchise units, where they provide premium quality window coverings at flexible budgets. The company also offers free in-home consultations, including window measurements and installation services.

Budget Blinds is popular not just in the US but also in Canada. The minimum you will be paying for the initial investment is $125,580, with a franchise fee of $19,950. However, this franchise opportunity is not free of royalty fees.


Owning and being part of a franchise might make it an easy business journey, but it also takes quite a lot of effort while join a family of businesses. Even when you own the part of the business, you will be required to follow some rules and regulations to maintain your franchisor’s reputation and be successful in your franchise business. Franchises like Window Medics have been a popular choice among upcoming entrepreneurs. If you think you are interested in joining the Window Medics franchise and know more details about the Window Medics franchise business, call 888-329-7116 or email at

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