Top 9 Profitable Work-From-Home Business Opportunities in the US

Business can mean something other than going out to meet clients every day or having a storefront waiting for customers to come in. When it comes to flexible business opportunities, the US is very generous. The US is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses. You can start a home based business opportunity any day, and many of them can be permanent work-from-home.

So if you are looking for an opportunity that is a new and profitable work-from-home business opportunity, then we can help you with a compiled list of 9 work-from-home business opportunities. 

  1. Window Medics

Window Medics can be your work-from-home business opportunity which is also a highly affordable business franchise. Window Medics is a window glass franchise that has been operating for more than 20 years. With locations across North America and parts of the United Kingdom, they are one of this generation’s best home-based businesses to invest your time and money into.

Window Medics is the perfect opportunity for those looking to make a full-time income and work from home. As an independent contractor, you can focus all your energy on growing your business without worrying about paying rent or commuting daily. Plus, because it’s royalty-free, there won’t be any monthly fees either, making this great opportunity available in today’s market.

What’s more – with a patented defogging process, the Window Medics franchise is one of the opportunities that you don’t want to miss. Contact the team today by calling them at 888-329-7116 or writing your queries to!

  1. Green Home Solutions

Green Home Solutions can be your franchise opportunity if you want an affordable business. But one of the reasons why this business opportunity is highly preferable is because of its sustainable nature. With many people in society today talking and striving towards a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, solutions like Green Home Solutions are helping them reach their goals.

Started in 2010 and franchised in the same year, Green Home Solutions is focused on home cleaning – from controlling your air quality to removing molds.

With a franchise fee of $5000 -$35,000, you will receive onsite support, lead acquisition assistance, and business coaching. So far, the company has over 200 franchise units.

  1. Cruise Planners

Cruise Planners is one of the most preferred services used by travelers who want to travel and explore different places – either by land or sea. The company was started in 1994 and has been offering franchise opportunities since 1999.

The franchise opportunity is extremely cheap, and even the royalty fee you pay is 3% maximum.

As a Cruise Planners franchisee unit, you can offer your clients benefits and perks for cruises, hotels and resorts.

  1. Chemdry

Chemdry has always been a very useful business idea and is a successful business franchise. The company specializes in cleaning carpets and upholstery and has over 3,500 franchisee units worldwide.

Founded in 1977, Chemdry started offering franchise opportunities the next year of its foundation. It can also be considered a cheap franchise opportunity, but the royalty fee is a fixed amount regardless of the amount of income.

With Chemdry, entrepreneurs have a flexible opportunity – they can start out with just a van but definitely can expand their business to be the only Chemdry business in a territory.

All business in a local area can be yours because Chemdry offers services for both commercial and residential areas.

  1. Team Logic

Team Logic is on the technical side, where it provides IT services like hardware and software procurement, installation, relocation, networking, data communications and many more. It is a very popular IT company amongst small and medium-sized businesses.

This business was started in 2004 and started franchising right after 2005. With over 190 franchise units, this franchise opportunity has been ranked in the Franchise Business Review in the first position of the technology franchise category.

Initially, you’ll have to invest $109,550 – $142,800 and pay a 7% royalty fee.

  1. Mosquito Squad

Yes, Mosquito Squad is the type of business that you cannot expect to be profitable throughout the year – that’s the nature of the business. But if a seasonal business works for you, then this franchise business could bring in a lot of cash during the warmer months.

This franchise opportunity is affordable – and one of the most sought-after home-based businesses in the US. You can buy this franchise for $35,000, but you might be spending anywhere from $63,962 to $90,022 for starting out.

  1. Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor is similar to Mosquito Squad in a way that it is also a seasonal business. This kind of home business opportunity allows you to run another business or work a job side by side, but once your customers need services, you’ll have to travel to their location to offer these services.

Once you have become a franchisee unit of Lawn Doctor, you can hire technicians to work on the tasks – freeing you to handle the business growth and the clients. This home-based business can be bought at $35,000. For a territory, this franchise requires an upfront cost of $101,015 to $125,065.

  1. Digital Marketing Training Group

This is one of the purely work-from-home business opportunities that many entrepreneurs are going to be interested in. Digital Marketing Training Group provides franchisee units with software and training to build their own digital marketing business.

The best part of this business? It’s totally up to you how much you work -whether you want to work full-time or part-time or when you want to work.

Paying your franchisor here is also unique because instead of paying for the franchise opportunity, you only pay for the training program and ongoing support and continue to use the brand name while offering services.

  1. Sears Handyman Solutions

A list of franchise opportunities cannot be complete without a home care service franchise – so in this list, Sears Handyman Solutions has made it. Sears Handyman Solutions brings a range of home care services – including maintenance, home improvement, plumbing, repairs, installations and many more.

Sears Handyman Solutions is a big name in the industry – so if you’re buying this franchise even though you don’t have any interest in this work, then you would not be the first one. With a franchise fee of $35,000 to $70,000, you receive advertising support and work whenever you want to or are free to work. You can also hire team members if you are looking to expand.


We all know that the right business can help you make a good living, but choosing one is not always easy. The US offers many franchise opportunities in different industries and regions of this great country. There’s something for everyone when looking at price points or interests.

But be careful – finding your perfect match might take time and effort as well because each company has its own set guidelines on things like pricing models or pricing considerations etc.

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