What 5 Qualities Do Successful Best Low-Cost Franchises Have In Common?

Not every expensive business opportunity is worth investing your money in, and not every low-cost franchise opportunity restricts your business growth. However, many business models are so neatly crafted with profit formulas, essential resources, key processes, etc., that despite being a low-cost opportunity, it offers beyond a steady income to their franchisee units.

But how to know which companies offer best low-cost franchises? Since choosing a low-cost franchise that is also eventually successful is a challenge, we have decided to make it easier for you.

Look for these 5 qualities in a low-cost franchise which are extremely common in successful low-cost franchises.

  1. Virtually zero competition

All businesses have competition, but a good business with a competent and competitive business model can avoid many competitors. One of the best ways to eliminate competition is to offer a unique selling point even when selling the same services.

Window Medics is a window glass repair business that offers services like glass repair and replacement, which is similar to most other window glass businesses. But the company also offers a patent process of window defogging service, which most window glass businesses can’t offer as a service.

Although a few other companies offer the defogging process, they are not developed enough to make people try the new technology. But when it comes to Window Medics, it has proven results and a patented technique that saves expenses and extends window glass’s lifespan.

To know details about the Window Medics franchise business, call 888-329-7116 or email at info@windowmedics.com.

  1.  Proven track record

Low-cost successful business franchises most often have successful franchisee units. And all the franchisee units must have had an easier route to success than otherwise. A franchise having almost all franchisee units successful means the franchisor has a successful business model, and success is not a coincidence.

Also, since a franchisor acts as a role model to its franchisee units, the franchisor must have already had a great career itself. Most often, they will have gone through the challenges that their franchisee will face, and the franchisor should be able to share advice on how to face them for minimal impact.

  1. Recession-resistant business model

Low-cost businesses can be some of the most hit during times of recession. But a successful low-cost opportunity is not something that offers nonessential (at least at times like recession) services.

A successful low-cost franchise must have a few of the services so that it is recession-resistant. Some of these services are consumer essentials, critical repair services, healthcare services, etc.

For example, companies like Window Medics provide window glass repair and replacement services. And it is a good example of a recession-resistant model because nobody wants to live with broken window glass. However, some businesses still do good without offering any essential services, and there might be various reasons for that.

  1.  Support from your franchisor

How your franchisor supports you has a lot to do with your success. The more support it offers or, the more involved your franchisor is with your franchise, the better chances of survival and success you have.

When your franchisor is with you in every step of your business, you feel the combined efforts to make your business work. This means that you are always encouraged, motivated, and determined to make it to the top.

Ongoing support also means you ask your franchisor about all the challenges you are facing, and you don’t waste effort and time figuring out how to approach them. Your franchisor will also help you with marketing strategies and tools to boost your business visibility.

  1. Your franchisor is knowledgeable about the industry

Your franchisor doesn’t necessarily have to be a leader in the industry, but being knowledgeable about the sector contributes highly to not just a successful business but also its franchisee units. Apart from that, the franchisor should also be interested in staying updated with research and development in their field.

Window Medics is one such company that keeps itself updated about the sector and industry. This is how they have managed to develop such complex processes as a defogging process, which sucks out trapped moisture from in between window glass panes.

Businesses that do not stay updated with the latest trends in the industry fail to keep up with the market and consumer demands or trends, often leading to losing potential business


Are you ready to invest in a business franchise that is low-cost but can be profitable? We suggest you use winning qualities a business has rather than looking for brand names to invest in. Although, due to financing reasons, you might want to choose a brand that is reputable.

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