What are Some Best Small Businesses for Sale in the US?

Finding the right business to start your entrepreneurial journey with is a significant thing. You should do a lot of research before you end up investing your hard-earned money in any franchise. The business you invest in should offer multiple perks and affordable and risk-free franchise options.

If you have been looking for that one small business for sale which you can trust completely, this blog for sure can help you. It enlists some of the best small business options available for sale in the US.

Read on to know more about these franchise options!

  1. Window Medics

If glass windows and doors fascinate you, then this franchise is meant for you. It is one of the best window glass repair, cleaning and installation companies in the US. Whether one needs glass de-fogging or repairing window glass cracks, Window Medics has got you sorted. What people love the most about Window Medics are its affordable services. Window Medics never fails to impress its clients with high-quality window glass maintenance services. But in return, it charges a minimal fare.

Window Medics is also famous among the franchisees because of the perks it offers to them. Besides, the franchise fee is quite low. It helps you with regular training sessions to keep you well-versed with industry trends. Also, you will get access to all the marketing material that it has been using for years now. You won’t have to figure out intricate branding strategies as team Window Medics has already got you sorted. And the biggest advantage of joining Window Medics is that there is no dry spell at all. Since it is an insanely famous glass window cleaning and repairing company across, there is a very high demand for its services. Won’t it be great to be a part of this booming business?

Franchise fee: $35,000

  1. Jazzercise

If you are fond of physical workout sessions, you may fall in love with this amazing franchise business model. Jazzercise is basically the blend of Jazz dance form and exercise. To break the monotony of physical exercise, Jazzercise has come up with this unique concept. You can join the Jazzercise team and work as a fitness trainer. Since they have a huge client base, you will find it convenient to attract clients very easily.

Franchise fee: $2,415

  1. Fit4Mom

A brand that is dedicated to the betterment of mothers, Fit4Mom is the ultimate franchise option if you can connect yourself with the mothers around you. Your job will be to encourage expecting and new mothers to embrace the bliss and struggles of motherhood with open arms. It is more like building a safe community for the mothers.

Franchise fee: $6,905

  1. United Country Real Estate

United Country Real Estate has been operating since 1925. The business is spread across different cities and states in the US. It works with the aim of offering the best properties for its clients. United Country Real Estate offers different types of properties, such as vacation homes, ranches, farms and so on.

Franchise fee: $8,000

  1. Dunkin’

Who does not know about Dunkin Doughnuts? It has become an integral part of life as the youth in the US love these delicious doughnuts to the core. The company got established in the year 1955. Other than doughnuts, they also sell sandwiches, muffins, and beverages. If you are a foodie and have an interest in this industry, then you should definitely try to invest in a Dunkin’ franchise.

Franchise fee: $40,000

  1. 7 Eleven

You can also try your hands at the immensely popular 7 eleven retail chains. They offer a whopping 300-hour long training session. If you are lucky enough, you may even end up getting some special discounts and a deduction in the franchise fee as well. Generally, the franchise period is available for up to 15 years.

Franchise fee: $53,000

  1. Sport Clips

Are you, by any chance, interested in the hairstyling industry? If yes, this franchise news may compel you to jump for joy! Sport Clips, a popular hairstyling salon chain for men, is offering its franchise. This small business for sale is at present operating over 1700 locations.

Franchise fee: $57,500

  1. Pearle Vision

Pearle Vision is a famous eyecare brand in the US. They deal in sunglasses, eyeglasses, and lenses of high quality. Pearle Vision has been offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs since 1980. At present, it operates across 500 locations.

Franchise fee: $30,000

  1. Midas

This one is for those entrepreneurs who have an inclination toward the automotive sector. Midas offers vehicle repair and maintenance services to customers. There are over 2000 Midas Shops across the US. Connecting with such a brand can definitely help you to take your career to the next level.

Franchise fee: $30,000

  1. Home Instead

This one is a senior care center that has been operating since 1994. It has over 1000 units at present. Their job is to offer home care for aged people and also for Alzheimer’s patients. If you have prior experience in a similar niche, you can definitely try your luck in the Home Instead franchise.

Franchise fee: $45,000

In a nutshell

So, these are a few franchise opportunities available at present for you. Go through each one and make your choice as per your budget and area of interest. Remember that choosing the right business can help you in your career growth.

If you still have certain doubts regarding the options, go for Window Medics- the best small business for sale in the US. Joining team Window Medics will bring you multiple advantages. Also, you will get associated with a renowned brand name.

To know more about the Window Medics franchise opportunity, you can make call their customer care number (888-329-716). You can even drop a mail at info@windowmedics.com. They have an incredible customer care support system. One of the executives will get back to you soon with all the details that you require.

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