What are the franchise businesses which are available at low cost?

If you are looking for affordable franchise options to scale up your career graph, then there are multiple options you can opt for. Basically, the franchising model is safer than the startup model. And hence a greater percentage of entrepreneurs are looking for low-cost franchises. The concept of the franchise is gaining popularity because of the element of safety associated with it. But even then, many entrepreneurs are unable to invest in franchise businesses because of a limited budget. So, this blog enlists some of the top franchise businesses that are available at feasible prices.

  1. Window Medics

When it comes to low-cost franchises, the topmost name that you can think of is Window Medics. It is right now ruling the window and door glass cleaning industry with its innovative business processes. It is a popular glass cleaning, repairing, restoration, and installation company based in the US. Window Medics is super popular among clients because it offers spectacular services at an affordable price range. The glass repair giant knows how to keep its customers happy!

At the same time, Window Medics manages to keep the franchisees completely satisfied. It knows the pain point of every budding entrepreneur-limited budget. Besides, all those who are not so familiar with glass cleaning and installation work can also join the franchise – thanks to the elaborate training sessions that Window Medics offers to each of the franchisees. And one cannot simply ignore the brand value of Window Medics. It has managed to offer seamless services of the best quality at the lowest possible rates. Also, the PR team has worked miraculously to create a brand that seems approachable and trustworthy. So, once you buy the franchise of Window Medics, you will start experiencing client inflow at your setup. Window Medics will also guide you with marketing tactics and promotional strategies. So, you will never feel clueless at any stage when it comes to running your glass repair business.

Franchise fee: $35,000

  • Ace Hardware

For those who have experience in hardware products, Ace Hardware can be a brilliant option. The franchises of Ace Hardware are located at customer-centric locations and are easily accessible. They have amicable and knowledgeable staff who can guide you in making well-informed choices. Ace Hardware is known for its premium customer service.

Franchise fee: $5,000

  • Merry Maids

Entrepreneurs with experience in the home cleaning sector can have a look at this option. Merry Maids is one of the US’s most popular house cleaning service providers. The best part is that you can create the setup without much fuss and effort. Also, it is a household name, and thus buying the franchise can be a good idea.

Franchise fee: $37.500-$51,500

  • Pillar to Post Home Inspectors

You can try this franchise option if you are into home inspection services. One of the most low-cost franchises in the US, Pillar to Post Home Inspectors, offers inspection services to real estate companies and homeowners. This franchising company aims to support budding home inspectors. You can start your home inspection services by joining Pillar to Post Home Inspectors. You will be guided with all the necessary training, materials, and more.

Franchise fee: $37,100-$45,900

  • Orangetheory Fitness

Fitness is also a lucrative and trendy business option. Fitness enthusiasts with an entrepreneurial bent of mind can benefit from this franchise business. It offers franchisees the opportunity to start group workout studios. The fitness giant offers intense workout sessions to its members. Orangetheory has certain innovative workout sessions which attract a lot of fitness lovers. Most importantly, the fitness brand knows how to retain its clients. So, you can join this fitness franchise to reap maximum benefits.

Franchise fee: $59,950

  • Keller Williams

If you are interested in real estate, Keller Williams can be the dream franchise you are looking for. Founded in 1987, Keller Williams has also been quite popular among franchisees. Real estate agents find the brand quite lucrative. Franchisees can join on a profit-sharing basis. There are multiple other perks as well.

Franchise fee: $35,000

  • FastSigns

Signages are important. They offer visibility and enhance the accessibility of any property. FastSigns has been franchising since the year 1986. Over all these years, it has proliferated across 600 locations. If you have any expertise or previous experience in this sector, you may try to join this brand and grow your signage business.

Franchise fee: $49,750

Wrapping up

Your search for some of the most reliable low-cost franchises ends here with this blog. Follow your instinct, choose a path you like, and follow your heart. If you are still in a dilemma or confusion as to which franchise business you should go with, then choose the best one – Window Medics.

To know further details about the Window Medics franchise business, call 888-329-7116 or email at info@windowmedics.com.

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