What Are The Most Affordable Franchise Businesses Globally?

Franchises are the next big thing in the world of business. You can join the franchise of any reputed brand and you will be in a position to expand your business super soon. If you have been planning to run your own business but are doubtful about taking risks, then you can go for franchising options. Running your own start-ups is also an option. However, start-ups do not come with any kind of surety. The risk factor is quite high as compared to franchise models. And that’s why the majority of aspiring entrepreneurs prefer franchise options over start-up ideas.

But it is not easy to invest in franchise businesses. More often than not, the franchise fees tend to be quite high. It is therefore important that you select a franchise brand that offers their franchise at minimal prices. Also, you need to research extensively about a brand before you finally invest your savings in buying its franchise. If all of these make you feel overwhelmed, then this blog is meant for you. It discusses some of the most affordable franchises available out there. Scroll down and explore the multiple entrepreneurial opportunities that await you!

Most affordable franchise options you must have a look at!

  • Window Medics

One of the most reputed glass repairing and cleaning brands in the US, Window Medics has been the favorite among budding entrepreneurs. It offers franchise options to deserving, passionate, and talented business persons. And over the years, multiple entrepreneurs have benefitted from joining the Window Medics family.

It offers door and window glass cleaning, de-fogging, repairing, restoration and installation services. Also, its charges are unbelievably low. And that’s why Window Medics enjoys a huge client base. This is literally one of the biggest reasons why an increasing number of entrepreneurs join the Window Medics franchise. Also, the glass repairing giant offers multiple premium facilities to its franchisees, such as elaborate training in business management, marketing support, client acquisition and much more.

And you will get all these against a feasible franchise fee.

Franchise fee: $35,000

  • Fit4Mom

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then Fit4Mom can be your ideal option. This brand is dedicated to the health and fitness of new mothers. Once you get the franchise of Fit4Mom, you can conduct different types of fitness-based classes for the mothers, such as Body Rock classes, Fit4Baby classes, Stroller Barre classes and so on. You will be free to choose a location and schedule of your choice.

Franchise fee: $10,495

  • Mosquito Squad

Everyone hates pesky mosquitoes. They are not just irritating but also can pose a threat to your health by causing fatal diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and so on. But Mosquito Squad lets you mint some money using this hatred of yours. Save your neighbors and clients from pesky mosquitoes and earn some handsome profits easily!

This is a reputed and renowned pest control company and has been operating successfully since 2009. It has over 200 franchise outlets at present.

Franchise fee: $32,500

  • Lil’ Kickers

If you have a way with soccer and kids, then Lil’ Kickers has to be your shot. It is a primary soccer program dedicated to kids. Also, it serves as a development platform that takes care of children beyond soccer. So, every entrepreneur who wishes to make it big in the field of soccer can join Lil’ Kicker’s family by buying its franchise.

Franchise fee: $35,000

  • Jazzercise

Another fitness-based franchise brand, Jazzercise, has been operating since 1969. It blends dance and exercise together and creates a fun fitness program for the clients. For those who avoid hardcore workout sessions, Jazzercise is an ideal option. If you wish to buy a Jazzercise franchise, then you are required to pay the franchise fee, choose a suitable location, and then finally polish your dance moves.

Franchise fee: 38,000

  • Chem-Dry

Homemakers and even commercial businesses are fond of carpets when it comes to interior décor. And that’s why carpet cleaning companies are flourishing at a high rate. Chem-Dry is a premium carpet cleaning company that has been operating since 1977. They have been attracting franchises since then and have been offering remarkable facilities to the franchisees. So, if you have prior experience in the carpet repairing industry, then you should definitely opt for Chem-Dry. You are required to pay a minimal franchise fee to join the Chem-Dry franchise.

Wrapping up

This list of the most affordable franchises will definitely help you to make a smart and well-informed decision. From franchise fees to business details, you will get all the necessary information here in one place. But even after going through this list, if you are still confused about the best franchise option, then without any doubt or hesitation, go for Window Medics. It is undoubtedly one of the best and most affordable franchises across the globe. To know more about Window Medics call 888-329-7116 or email at info@windowmedics.com

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