What are the new low-cost Franchise Opportunities in the US?

Franchising business ideas seem to be pretty lucrative for those entrepreneurs who do not wish to face the struggles and risks of start-up life. Major brands from different sectors and industries, which have done quite well in the last few years, are now entering the franchise market to attract a pool of interested business persons. From fitness to glass repairing, there is a huge demand for low investment franchise options. This blog enlists the top 6 low-cost franchise opportunities in the US. Scroll down and know the details!

Why choose a franchise business model?

There are multiple reasons that will convince you to buy the franchise of any reputed business. The most significant thing is that you get a sense of security when you become a part of the franchise family of a renowned brand. The steep reduction in risk elements will allow you to explore various avenues comfortably. Also, depending on the nature of the brand you are associating yourself with, you can work part-time or from the comfort of your own home. You can choose any low investment franchise option as per your interest and budget as there are so many industries that participate in this franchise concept, such as photography, glass repair, fitness, event organization, and so on.

Top 6 low investment franchises in the US

  1. Window Medics

Glass repairing and installation is one of the most popular businesses in the US. It is a trending concept right now as more and more homeowners are opting for glass windows and doors. The aesthetic appeal of glass windows and doors is the main reason why interior décor experts are inclining toward glass door and window installation. It is, therefore, the right time to tap into the glass repair and installation market.

Do you have any prior experience in the glass repair industry? Whether yes or no, this low investment franchise option is designed for you. Window Medics offers highly affordable franchise business plans to its franchisees. All you need to pay is just $35,000, and you can easily experience the best features and facilities of this premium glass repairing company.

Window Medics is an extremely popular glass cleaning, de-fogging, installation, and repair brand in the US. By paying the franchise fee, you will gain access to premium amenities like enhanced brand identity, effective marketing, promotion, management, full-fledged training, and so on. To know details about Window Medics franchise business, call 888-329-7116 or email at info@windowmedics.com

Franchise fee: 35,000

  • NextHome

For those who are interested in real estate, NextHome can be your ideal option. It is a coming-of-age real estate company that focuses on customer experience, marketing, and modern technology. They have a flexible pricing system as well as highly competitive business programs. NextHome offers various benefits to the agents. So, if you want to become a part of his modern real estate business, then go for NextHome without any hesitation.

Franchise fee: $8,500

  • Rhea Lana’s

This one is a great low investment franchiseoption for all the mothers out there. Rhea Lana’s allows so much flexibility in terms of working hours – you can either work full time or even part-time from your own home. Rhea Lana’s has been a popular franchise option in the US among mompreneurs.

Franchise fee: 14,900

  • Town Money Saver

If the advertisement industry is your thing, then Town Money Saver or TMS can be the ideal fit for you. It helps the local businesses with enticing and persuasive advertisements. If you want to join the TMS family, know that you do not at all require any kind of inventory, storefront, or staff team. Town Money Saver takes care of everything on your behalf.

Franchise fee:  $27,000

  • Jazzercise

Another brilliant low investment franchise business in the fitness sector, Jazzercise, has made it quite big in the fitness sector. This franchise business allows you to stay in great shape and, at the same time, mint money by training others. But if you are not interested in being an instructor, then too, Jazzercise has management options for you. With Jazzercise, you will enjoy, stay fit and earn – all at one time.

Franchise fee: $21,750

  • Dream Vacations

For all those aspiring entrepreneurs who have low investment and are in search of a low investment franchise, Dream Vacations is the perfect destination you should head to. You can run your very own travel-based business by becoming a franchisee of Dream Vacations. It is a fabulous option to join the tourism industry and make easy money using the brand name of the popular Dream Vacations brand.

Franchise fee: $21,000

In a nutshell

You can always fulfill your dream by following your passion and putting in all the effort. But the most important thing is to follow the right path. Opting for a franchise business option gives you that much-needed kick-start to your entrepreneurial journey. Try any of these low investment franchise options as per your budget and interest and commence on your entrepreneurial sojourn.

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