What are the various types of franchise businesses in the US?

New entrepreneurs are looking for various franchise business opportunities, and there are some recurring themes when it comes to top opportunities in the country. Here are some of the types of business opportunities that you can consider buying.

  1. Window Glass Business

Window business for sale is one of the most common types of franchise business available in the US. Window glass is also one of the most sought-after because most franchisors don’t require an entrepreneur to have any industry experience or knowledge. Young entrepreneurs find it easier to start a business with the business model, and without having to spend an era in training sessions. That’s right – window glass franchise opportunities don’t require you to train for months before joining their family.

Window glass business is also a home-based business mostly – and you can always choose to operate from home unless you want to rent a physical location.

Window Medics is an example of a window business for sale that offers a home-based opportunity. The company offers 2 days of comprehensive training, and in this short while, an entrepreneur learns all they need to before offering window glass repair and replacement as a service. You can phone 888-329-7116 or send an email to info@windowmedics.com for additional information.

  1. Real Estate Business

Real Estate business opportunities are quite common in the US. But they are mostly associated with home/property inspection rather than brokerage and sales agencies. The statistics say that around 6 million citizens of the US are involved in buying and selling homes, and a great percentage of this number is involved in home inspections.

Now, there are many companies that offer home inspections and some others are involved in the inspection of complexes, apartments, hotels, etc. This only diversifies the real estate business more, and equally increases the opportunities for the companies to expand and offer franchise opportunities.

Real Estate franchise opportunities, however, require some experience to an extent, and if not, a great deal of training is highly important. Most of the franchisors offer marketing support to their franchisee units and ongoing support.

  1. Travel Agencies

Even the pandemic hasn’t been able to stop the traveling agency from being affected for a long time. Travel agencies and travel-related jobs and companies contribute a significant amount to the US economy and are one of the sectors that people look forward to working in.

One of the best parts of travel franchise opportunities is that they can be home-based, and not every franchisor requires a franchisee unit or candidate to have any industry knowledge or experience. For example, Cruise Planners is a company that offers one of the cheapest franchise opportunities. It also doesn’t require a franchisee unit to be enthusiastic about travel. Cruise Planners is a company that books cruises for luxury cruise getaways or parties, and a franchisee unit can operate this business from anywhere in the world, just with laptops, phones, and internet connections.

There are other companies as well like Dream Vacations, and Expedia Cruise, and all of them have expanded their business to offer vacations and travel opportunities in more than just water, but also air and land.

  1. Cleaning Service

The cleaning business is another business opportunity common in the US. So many cleaning companies offer cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial properties and are one of the most sought-after services in various parts of the country. Cleaning services can be anything from floor cleaning, and carpet cleaning to dry cleaning and pressure washing.

Hardware cleaning businesses like computer cleaning services are also included in this category. Many of these companies have their own developed and innovative method and approach toward cleaning and offer these as USP. Companies with unique cleaning solutions and approaches are always good franchise opportunities, and most of them are highly affordable to buy.


Choosing or exploring a type of franchise opportunity always comes before choosing a particular brand or franchise to buy. For example, if you are looking to purchase a Window Medics franchise opportunity, then exploring the window glass business franchise and industry is something you need to look after.

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