Why Franchising Is the Best Way to Start Business In Canada

That moment when you decide to start a business is indeed an exciting one. You can now become your own boss, enjoy flexibility at its best, earn considerable revenue, and create an impact in the society you live in. But like the wise say, it indubitably requires plenty of courage to run an enterprise. This is because even as many advantages a business has over other career paths, it also has perhaps the highest number of risks as well.

But surprisingly, there is one business option called the franchise business, where you can own a business with minimal risks. This article discusses the perks of owning a franchise and also introduces you to the best brand among the cheapest businesses to start up in Canada.

What Is A Franchise Business?

A franchise business model gives you the freedom to run a business with the least number of risks that are otherwise common in the business world. This is because, in this kind of business, you team up with a reputable brand called the franchisor. You are the dealer or franchisee that earns the license to partner with the franchisor in exchange for a franchise fee. You can enjoy several advantages by choosing to own a business in this manner.

What Makes Franchising A Clever Business Initiative In Canada?

Take a look at the most valid points why franchising is the best way to start a business in Canada:

1.  You Need Not Make A Huge Investment To Run A Business

To start a business initiative, you have to first invest a considerable amount of money in your idea. Furthermore, you also need a stable financial situation to run the business smoothly. This can be intimidating for aspiring entrepreneurs who are new in the field. A franchise business facilitates such passionate young people by only demanding a nominal franchise fee in exchange for the freedom and provisions to run the business.

When you compare this amount to the expense of running an independent firm, you would be awestruck by the vast difference. So, in terms of finance, franchises offer many benefits to the dealer. This money, thus saved, can serve its purpose in case of emergencies that are common in any business.

2.  You Can Own A Business With Little Prior Experience

It is likely that you are stepping into the world of business for the first time. You don’t have any idea how tricky the field is and the kind of preparation you need in order to survive here. In such a case, you are vulnerable to fraud and similar risks at every juncture. Hence, for new business people, too, franchising offers a tremendous advantage.

To become a franchisee, no matter which industry you choose, you need not have plenty of experience. Instead, you can learn the skill and equipment from scratch through the training sessions extended to you. It would also turn out to be a safe, formal introduction to business.

3. You Can Enjoy The Support And Guidance Of An Established Company

The biggest perk of doing a franchise business is that there is someone experienced by your side at all times. Even though you might not be running the brand you established, you get the freedom to experiment with your ideas in a franchise. What’s more, you have the parent company to aid you in marketing advice, management help, as well as financial support in case of emergencies. The best metaphor here would be that childhood experience where you are nervous about riding a bike for the first time, but you know your parent’s hand on the bike will ensure your safety.

About Window Medics, A Revolutionary Brand In The Window Glass Repair Industry

If you wish to join a window glass repair company as a franchisee, Window Medics is the best option in Canada. The professionals at Window Medics are well-known for their quality work in replacing and repairing window glass panes. They have been in business for close to two decades and so have accumulated more knowledge than an average Canadian franchise. Their primary area of focus is the installation, repair, and maintenance of window glass. Their customer-centric initiatives, such as 24/7 availability and same-day turnaround, have earned them widespread acclaim. Furthermore, they offer a proprietary defogging service like none other.

If you consider yourself a fantastic fit in this area, then Window Medics gives you a golden opportunity to run a home-based business. You can gain a lot by working with them, and you don’t even need a lot of money or experience to do so.

The fact that this business can be run efficiently and effectively from the comfort of one’s home is one of the major perks here. With this franchisor, you’ll have the opportunity to serve thousands of people in your community. With good work, you can soon become reputable, too, as Window Medics enjoys a considerable customer base in Canada. In addition, the company offers an immersive two-day training program that combines online and in-person instruction. So, you can enter the field well-equipped with the skill to shine in the industry.

Dealers can join Window Medics for an affordable, one-time franchise fee. The price now is $35,000, with discounts available under certain circumstances. Apart from that, you don’t have to worry about any royalties working with this brand. And you can make use of all their tools and resources to ensure that your business runs efficiently. Amazing, right? Another attractive advantage is that the brand offers marketing aid and assistance to all its dealers. To put it simply, Window Medics has all the makings of a great franchise for aspiring entrepreneurs.

To know more about the Window Medics franchise, call 888-329-7116 or email info@windowmedics.com.


That being said, we suggest that you first decide on your area of interest and do thorough research on various companies offering the franchising opportunity. Of course, if you are enthusiastic about owning a window repair business, then Window Medics brings everything in your favor. Wishing you good luck in your venture!

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