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Work from home franchise

There’s a certain elegance to being an entrepreneur and that goes double for being able to set your schedule, save on startup costs, and turning a profit quickly! Working from home or remotely has become a major part of today’s small business and corporate world. Being able to join in with a franchise and work from home is a trend that’s been gaining traction throughout the US.

Franchises help give you the framework you need as a startup or entrepreneur to get your idea or dream off the ground in no time. Buying into a franchise gives you a solid outline to create your own business without having to reinvent the wheel!

With the pandemic still raging, rather than join in with your local Subway franchise, let’s run through some safer, more manageable franchise options you can work at from home!

Cruise Planners

Nothing like taking a vacation, right from the comfort of your armchair! Working at home with the franchise Cruise Planners allows you to share your love of travel with others who want to get out and explore. By booking and planning clients cruises and vacations, you earn a commission on each sale that goes through.

The initial investment needed to join up with Cruise Planners is $10,995 and the same amount is needed as a liquid requirement. For the most part, any other equipment you need is simple: your computer, your phone, and your friend list!


Keeping things clean is an ongoing task that takes huge amounts of time and effort especially for large companies or businesses. Investing with Jan-Pro puts you in front of clients who desperately need your services.

As part of your investment, you’ll receive training, the necessary cleaning equipment, and the ongoing support of the company. The initial investment is $4,170-$54,700 with the liquid requirement coming in at just $1,000-$5,000 needed. One of the unique things about Jan-Pro is that you don’t have to go out trolling for new clients; the franchise puts them in front of you.

Big contracts are just waiting for your investment and you can turn a profit on your schedule by investing in Jan-Pro!


Everyone loves a good shabby to chic renovation and that’s what HomeVestors is all about! Their primary focus is on buying properties that aren’t doing well and refinishing them to be resold to homeowners, investors, or retained and rented out.

With an initial investment of $56,000-$426,300 and a liquid requirement of $30,000, this franchise can be a steep one to enter and invest in. But the potential for profits is huge. The core advertising campaign is “We Buy Ugly Houses” which has reached across the nation leading to huge amounts of contacts for anyone willing to grab them up and use them.

If you buy in with HomeVestors you’ll be directly profiting from the national advertising that’s become a household cry. Rather than striking out completely on your own, you’ll be able to compete with others in the field backed by a national franchise.

Mosquito Joe

No one likes pests, least of all homeowners! By investing with Mosquito Joe, you’ll have a steady stream of clients knocking on your door, hoping for your service. Each treatment of barrier spray only lasts 21 days so you’ll be able to continue making a profit with each outing to a customer’s lawn.

The initial investment is $95,600-$140,000 with the liquid requirement being $30,000. Controlling the mosquitos, ticks, and fleas in your neighbors and clients yards may take time and a bit of training but the recurring revenue that you’ll gain from applying the barrier spray every 21 days, is a great investment for the future.

Once you build up your client base, you won’t have to go out chasing leads. Building up the clients may take time but deal with pests is a constant issue so once they’re your clients, they’re yours for the long-haul!

Restoration 1

If you’ve ever dealt or tried to deal with the damage that can come from water, mold, fire, or smoke in your house, you’ll find you’re in over your head trying to tackle this particular DIY project. But hiring an in-home franchise from Restoration 1 can help you get your home or property back into tip-top shape in no time!

The initial investment to become an in-home franchise for Restoration 1 is $79,100-$183,350 with a liquid requirement of $50,000. New franchisee members must also purchase a branded Restoration 1 vehicle and complete a 12-day training program that gives you on the job training. Each training session is led by an established franchise owner and during this training, your personalized business plan is developed so you’ll be able to start on the right foot.

Helping your friends and neighbors protect and restore their homes and properties is a great investment as a franchise owner. On top of being involved and having a steady stream of clients, the company also personalizes and invests in each franchise owner to help them reach their business goals.

Window Medics

Window Restoration Franchise – Window Medics

Another option is to become a Window Medics dealer in your area. Window Medics has more than 100 service locations in the US and Canada. Collectively, they install more than 100,000 windows per year.


More and more, entrepreneurs and small business owners are looking for ways to maximize their profits and keep themselves relevant to their communities. It can be hard to build a business from the ground up and investing in a franchise gives you the building blocks you need to set clear goals, fill a need, and turn a profit without having to reinvent the wheel of business.

No matter your passion or your interests, there’s a franchise for you. When picking out a franchise to become involved in, make sure to double-check that you can either work from home or remotely if that’s what you’re planning to do. In the age of coronavirus, it can be a risky investment to step into a fast-food franchise! But working with professional cleaning, on your schedule, and from your home, might be the next best step for you and your business.

Investing in a franchise may seem like a hefty price tag, but the benefits of a system that’s already in place to support and train you, are priceless. Getting started in the small business world is tough, join a team that allows you to work from home, without having to reinvent the wheel!

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