What Is The Cost Of Buying A Franchise Business In The USA?

Owning a successful business is a dream that many entrepreneurs have to work on for years to achieve. To most people, a shortcut seems logical, like a franchise company. Certainly, it has limits compared to a company that you fully own.

One of the benefits you can enjoy while buying a franchise for sale is that your journey to get funding is easier. Generally, a bank or any financial institution will be comparatively easier to convince for funding or loan when starting a franchise with a popular brand. 

Entrepreneurs, whether they are experienced or not, find it hard to build a business from nothing. Starting a business is not about merely providing good services because if you are looking to make it big in the next few years, marketing, establishing a brand, etc., takes up a lot of your time and money. But while buying a franchise for sale, you are already associated with a brand, and your situation can ease a little because there are many low-cost franchises out there.

Cost of a franchise business

The cost of buying a business varies greatly depending upon the sector and the size of the business. It also depends on the companies that are acting as a franchisor. Many low-cost business opportunities like travel agencies, photography agencies, mortgage companies, etc., lets you start a franchise with a low license fee of $15,000 or sometimes lesser.

For a low-cost investment, most businesses provide a proper built-in system that will never let you stay stuck in one place. Your franchisor is also often likely to help you or advise you in certain situations that their franchisee likely faced earlier.

But most of all, a franchise for sale can be bought at a lot lower than it would cost you to start a business from the ground up. Small businesses like window & glass businesses provided by Window Medics can be bought for as low as $35,000. Now, businesses like the window & glass business are something that people need all the time – whether you are providing residential or commercial services. But Window Medics is one of the window & glass businesses that provides their franchise for sale at a lot lower rate than their competitors.

So what is Window Medics franchise like?

What is the Window Medics franchise?

Window Medics is the fastest growing window business in the industry, popularly known for its unique restoration process. With the intent of expanding their business to all the cities in the United States and Canada, Window Medics provides franchise for sale “in most cities.

This franchise business is desirable because of the unique restoration process – called defogging process. Using this process, the technicians or the dealer of this business can provide their customers with a process where their foggy window can be cured of fogginess without replacing the window panes. Many choose this process because it saves a lot of expense by not replacing the window panes.

But as a Window Medics dealer, you are not restricted to providing the defogging process only. Window Medics is a popular brand in the window industry that provides various services like a replacement, repair, or installation of window glass or door glass of various styles and kinds. You will also be a dealer of these services when you start as a Window Medics franchisee.

What does Window Medics provide for $35,000?

Window Medics provides everything that most franchisor provides to its franchisee units. But Window Medics investment fee is low compared to much other business, and you get:

  • 2 days of training: Window Medics doesn’t expect their franchisee candidates to have any experience fixing windows or know about the window & glass business. You will learn everything you need to earn in 2 days. You can opt for virtual training or hands-on training. Their training session will include both practical and theoretical knowledge.
  • Advertising support: You will get marketing materials for your investment fee. You will also learn how to use the materials and support and training on local marketing of your business.
  • Access to their equipment: Window Medics’ defogging or even other services require a technician to use various tools and pieces of equipment. As a franchisee unit, you will have access to and the right to use that equipment to provide services to your customers.
  • Branding: Window Medics will make you a part of their family. What can be better than that? You will get to provide services under a well-known brand name, which has already been an established business in the industry.

Apart from these, you will also get the right to Window Medics Intellectual Property, business support, access to their website & branding, etc.


If you have been seeking a business that can help you grow as an individual and a business that is always increasing, Window Medics sound like a potential alternative. The initial investment is just $35,000. The company provides you with comprehensive training in the industry, as well as any other support needed to run a profitable window glass business. You will be trained by industry specialists who will provide you with real training as a Window Medics distributor. For more details about the dealership program call at 1-888-329-7116 or email at – info@windowmedics.com

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